Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Obvious Epiphany (Mating Flight 163/240)

[OOC: Intentional pause for a week and a half after this episode! -- BB]

Tarcuna went to the servant’s entrance, and shouted, “Hey! Menes Hu, Khudris, Branner? Anyone want to have sex?”

A Ghemelian woman, spiky with her apotheosis and with the first letter of “Fool” branded on her forehead, looked in at the door, and spoke poor Trestean. “In the presence of the dragon you wish to do this?”

“Sure. I don’t mind the rest of you guys watching, do I? She’s not even a person.” Tarcuna parted her upper clothes and revealed some of her udder, more to the presumed peepholes in the walls than to Menes Hu. “C’mon, Menes Hu. You’ll enjoy it. Xolgrohim won’t let you see your husband ‘til this is all over. Even then, you look so horrible and spiky he probably won’t want you. You might as well get what you can, and I guarantee I won’t make you pregnant by mistake.”

“No, no, it is an abomination.”

“Which you enjoyed a lot last time!” Tarcuna laughed.

While they were talking, I was staring. Menes Hu wore eight spells around herself. Two were obviously illusion spells, and very big ones: probably the ones that kept Ythac’s finding-spells from working. The third was probably strength, and the fourth and fifth were small ones that didn’t obviously do anything. The sixth, seventh, and eighth were jagged ones wrapped around her psyche, and they looked older than the others. So I caught them between the lobes of my vô, one at a time, and squeezed. Crunch, crunch, crunch. «I think that’s it,» I wrote to Tarcuna.

Menes Hu gasped in elation at her new freedom. This is about where our plan started falling apart.

Tarcuna thinks very quickly. “I know, I should be very quiet about that. You don’t want the others to find out.

Menes Hu stared at her, and then nodded. “It will not stay secret for long.”

Tarcuna smiled. “Well, maybe you don’t want any this time.” — she flashed her udder at the Ghemelian — “But could you tell the boys? They could get some. Of what you got that one time.”

Menes Hu dipped her head. “I will do that thing.” She stepped away from the door and urged her companions to come forward and provide to Tarcuna’s insatiable needs.

The next hoven at the door was tall and brawny, blocky and mighty, thick with muscle where most hovens have fat. Tarcuna smiled at him. “Captain Branner! Want another round of top-notch Dorday call girl?”

“Dunno the boss wants us going in there with the dragon and all, and sure thing you can’t come out here,” he said.

Tarcuna continued to be clever. “Well, I’m bored and I’m horny. How about I put on a show for you, and afterwards you put a bit of yourself through one of the peepholes and I am very nice to you that way?”

Branner chuckled. “You’re sure in a good mood…” And I broke the painspells on him, too. He shouted, “Yahoo! I am free!” Tresteans are not as used to concealing their feelings as Ghemelians.

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