Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

I Win The Sex Contest! (Day 188) (Mating Flight 154/240)

I Win The Sex Contest! (Day 188)

Arilash and I had a sex contest today and I won!

We were at the Erotic Temple of Patthakara, all devoted to hovens mating with each other for the glory of some of their gods. I don’t understand the theology one bit. And I got the devious idea. I said, “Arilash! We have three males here, for a total of nine male members! That’s an odd number! I challenge you thus: Each member will be used once, by one of us. Whoever has used more of them in the end, wins!”

Well, she could hardly refuse that contest! And it was sort of a performance piece, it fit the style of the Patthakara complex quite nicely. We had grosses of hovens watching us, just sitting on the steps of the temple or under the spreading uulama trees, eating their picnics and watching and sometimes filming.

I am the devious little dragoness though! I made sure that Arilash got two turns with Csirnis, on the larger and thus slower two hemipenes. Csirnis does not do things by halves. He does not rush. He can be quite distracting, in the most pleasant way, to a dragoness who is capable of feeling his distractions. I am not nearly so pleasant. I hope not unpleasant — the ghee helps a good deal, and after the first few rounds I was quite sloppy and sloshy with drake-juices anyways. Nor so distractable: I kept an eye on Arilash, though she mostly had eyes for her drake-of-the-moment.

Anyways, when I had finished my fourth twine, which was with Osoth, Arilash and Csirnis were all lovingly tangled up together, their tails flopping in the reflecting pool, and they looked as if they’d be glad to enjoy each other for another hour or two. So I grinned at Nrararn, and called him over, and he was my fifth round.

And when Arilash and Csirnis finished, my rival knew that she had been defeated in a contest in her area of strength.

By my superior powers of arithmetic.

(I doubt that I’ll ever win a sex contest again. I’ve managed to twine the three drakes maybe half a dozen times since the Hide and Seek game, total, compared to Arilash’s keeping them all pretty happy for most of that time.)

Oh, well, I do what I can do. I’m pretty sure that everyone enjoyed the contest, anyways.

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