Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: You Are Doomed

Today's warning!  A deadly hazard awaits you, based entirely on the first letter of your middle name!
A=Death By Pulled Pork
B=Flesh-Eating Consonants
C=Strangulation by Ivy
D=Electrocution by Badly-Made Tape Recorder
E=Death by Cuteness (self or other)
F=Falling Pine Tree
H=Driver Having A Breakup By Text
I=Falling into Active Volcano
J=Too Much Sex
K=Death By All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp Special
L=Finding the Perfect Lawn Furniture leading to Heart Failure
M=Being Too Pretty To Live
N=Crashing into Iceberg
O=Overdose of Haydn Symphonies
P=Death By Chili Sauce
Q=Mistake Goldfish for Piranha, Have Accident Trying To Escape
R=Death By Sushi
S=… actually you get to live, darnit! …
T=Dramatic Self-Sacrifice to Save The World
U=Poisoned Rigatoni Surprise
V=Lethal Cash Register
W=Death By Broccoli
X=Moon Falls Out Of Orbit, Squishes You
Y=Death By Kale
Z=All Of The Above
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