Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

I went to the *coolest* restaurant in Dreamland last night.

It was sort of a tartare bar. The base food was called "kibbe": it was a sort of cold salad of about ¾ a tabbouleh-like salad, and ¼ raw ground beef, seasoned in a Middle Eastern style. You would take a scoop of it and fashion it into a burger shape. You could eat it plain, if you liked, and it was quite yummy. There was a vegetarian option, mushrooms and carrots instead of beef.

Then the toppings! They had a wide variety of raw meats, cut very thing and nearly frozen, on a bar. You could top your raw-meat burger with a paperweight of bacon, or duck breast, or bulgogi-marinated spicy chicken, or many other things. The bacon kind of zoomed out of my comfort zone, but the others were quite delicious. There was a vegetarian option there too, which I presume was cheese, but that doesn't make sense because I didn't take any.

But that's not all. Each form of meat, basic and otherwise, came with an academic discipline. When you ate duck meat, for example, you learned anthropology: one serving of duck was equal to reading one book about social structures in cities.

But that's not all. You got to rearrange the letters in the material you learned, and write down any nifty new words you came up with. And there were prizes for the niftiest words among the diners each evening.

... I want to go back. And I want to take *you* there. Because it is the most awesome restaurant I have dreamed of eating at in many a year.

(And that's not, or not just, a way of saying I want to sleep with you.)
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