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Three False, One True

On the implicit advice of lediva, I will say three false things about myself, and one true one. The question is, which is true?

  1. The first spell I grafted was Cute Fangs of the Hearthfire (Sustenoc Pyrador 10), which, of course, paralyzes a small fire so that the flames do not move (but otherwise the fire burns normally). [This is unusual -- most people start with complexity-5 spells -- but a reasonably smart Zi Ri of minimal skill could handle a complexity-10 Sustenoc spell, so it's not impossible. -bb]
  2. I was debating joining the Red Chitin knightly order. Yes, they're mostly Herethroy, but there isn't a knightly order that's mostly Zi Ri. I decided to go to Vheshrame Academy after understanding that the Red Chitin knightly vows are perpetual, instead of eighty-one years as I had thought.
  3. My first governess was an alarmingly fat Orren woman named Treaclesways (and later Crown-Of-Icicles). She was absolutely decent and proper ... but one evening she smuggled me out of my ~mother~'s tower in a handbasket and brought me to her home, where her husbands and wife were engaged in activities that inspired me considerably for later life.
  4. Because of my geneology -- specifically descent from Myrihaaveinen -- I am obliged to spend twenty-seven years as the court wizard of Oorah Nirax, the city that zie founded. I have about three centuries to prepare for this obligation. Fortunately, it pays fairly well; the court wizards are notorious for raiding the treasury.
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