Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Making Things Harder For Myself [27 Trandary 4261]

I have decided, perhaps wisely and perhaps just precipitiously, to do an extended practicum in Enchantment. By "extended practicum" I mean "something that my famous grandparent would assign to one of his lesser journeymen without really thinking about it": a two-week enchantment, of as high a challenge as I can handle. Which means, in this case, a complexity-10 Mutoc Corpador spell, usable once a day. This is particularly fancy for me, now, because I cannot actually do that the routine way. I am going to have to do some clever design work.

(For all monsters: complexity 5 is the simplest sort of spell. Complexity 10 is the second-simplest -- but still, it is more than Join Bones or Age the Slaughtered Calf (which makes leather a bit bigger). If I were anyone else, I would make a Ready Adulterer talisman, which renders the user infertile (and nothing else) for some hours. But of course I don't have a conspecific, or any chance of accidental fertility, or even a lover. Mage's Mask would just be silly, too... Maybe Sleeth Eyes to see in the dark. Or Manicurist's Lament, if I want to claw people and actually have them notice.)

This was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Professor Alzagond tapped a few of us -- Esory, Rhedwy, Ysselhaut, and me -- and asked us if we wanted to do it. Esory and Rhedwy instantly agreed. I'm going to be doing that size project eventually, and pleasing ~mother~ seems like a good thing now, and Esory is good to work near and Ysselhaut I don't know but he's Orren and probably less frustrating than Strenata because everyone is, so I said yes in less time that it will take you to parse this sentence.

In any case, that should quite nicely devour most of my free time for the rest of the term. All the mornings, at least, since enchantments must be begun at dawn. I imagine I'll have enough evening time to get into trouble with an assortment of Orren in the evening.

I'm sounding quite as bad as Tethezai, aren't I?

And, speaking of assorted Orren, I caught up with Spirshash, sitting on a mule heading towards the city gate. Spirshash has generally exploded. He got into a spear-throwing duel with Oostmarine (about whom, less than a month ago, he got into a spear duel with Havune), though in three spears given and three received neither one hit the other. After that he sulked at home for four days, then decided to go take a long fishing trip. For the rest of the term. Which is a very reasonable Orren thing to do.

Still ... poor Orren.

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