Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

War Treaty (Mating Flight 119/240)

War Treaty (Day 88)

Back in that tent:

“This will be an advisory sort of war,” said Csirnis. “We will destroy Perstra by fire. After that, you should come back to Strobland and accept our revised demands.”

The hovens’ fur generally went muddy and turbulent, and they stammered and stank of fear, save for one. “Hey, Csirnis. Aren’t you supposed to give us some time to, oh, evacuate the city?” shouted Tarcuna.

“Oh, absolutely, Tarcuna! That’s one important detail for the war treaty. Also which direction we shall approach the city from, who shall do it, what important sites you wish to preserve, and what your army will be doing in that time,” said Csirnis. “Shall we begin?”

A somewhat shaken Hemmo reluctantly acquiesced.

Day Diplomacy Dragons
88 The attack will commence one week (12 days) from the agreement on the war treaty.

Fine, fine. Get on with it.

All the drakes were ferocious with dominance contests. Including Llredh who beat up Nrararn (five to three) and Osoth (five to four). Even though there’s really no point to him having dominance contests anymore, is there? Actually, Arilash beat me again, but by a rather less humiliating than last time five to three.

89 Maybe Churry City instead of Perstra?


Everyone was utterly pissy. Even Nrararn and Osoth had a dominance contest (Osoth won, five to four). And I got into a fight with Tultamaan over The Usual Problem which has been going on for this Whole Mating Flight that I will Occasionally Mate With Other Males but never quite Get Around To Him. He really isn’t a very good fighter. Which is his own fault really. A nice satisfying close-up fight where I clawed and clawed and bit, and he cursed his paralyzed forelegs and bit, and I won five to four.

90 They want infantry not to be killed, even if they’re firing at us. Much argument. No decision. Everyone gangs up on Csirnis and chews his wings to rags.

Csirnis, wings gleaming from being newly regrown, glided into that clawraped tent. “At the end of the day, the war treaty will take effect. If you wish to persuade us of anything, do so now.”

Henno looked very disappointed. I guess he had been trying to delay us as long as he could, perhaps the rest of his life or something. Well, a day or two more and it would have been … Llredh and Arilash aren’t the most patient dragons that you’ve ever met. I’m sure one of them would have squashed him. Three or four days, and I would have done.

The War Treaty proper

  1. “We” is six of us, excluding Arilash and Llredh who aren’t fighting in the war because no dangersense. “They” are the inhabitants of Trest.
  2. Fourteen days from today, we’ll destroy the military base at Darpuldo. We are confronting the Trestean army in this regard: that means that (1) they can fight back, and, if they do, we’re obligated to duodecimate and rout the army (which destroying the military base counts as, so no problem), and (2) they can kill us and we’re not obligated to take any particular degree of revenge. (We’re allowed, of course, and we probably would if one of us gets killed.)
  3. Fifteen days from today, we’ll destroy the military base at Fort Tasse Man, under the same terms.
  4. Sixteen days from today, we’ll destroy the military base at Bastruzo, under the same terms.
  5. Seventeen days from today, we will have a big battle with the Trestean army at the Quenjo Wastes. We are challenging the Trestean army in this regard: that means that (1) they can attack us and we’re not obligated to take any particular form of reprisal, and (2) they can kill us and we’re not obligated to any particular revenge.
  6. Eighteen days from today, we’ll destroy Churry City. Just the city and the military base. Farmhouses will be specifically spared if the residents do not attack dragons. (Churdle and his boss should be fine.) We’ll be confronting anyhoven who chooses to resist.
  7. Arilash and Llredh will not be participating in any of these battles.
  8. The devastations pursuant to this treaty will take the place of the destruction of the families and friends of Shuvanne and his associates in other treaty discussions. (We figure that, for a major world leader, accidentally losing an old, important city will be a humiliation comparable to the death of his family. Also, when it comes down to it, none of us wants to kill the two-year-old, and Nrararn and Arilash outright refused to do it.)

There was lots of bickering on our side. Why are we having the big battle as a challenge rather than a confrontation? (Answer: it doesn’t make any difference really — it’s just a little less restrictive on us, and we’re going to more than duodecimate them anyways. (Objection: it’s more cowardly! (Answer: Shut up!))) And, of course, why does does Jyothky get to do this? She already got to destroy the Peace Everywhere Array! (Answer: That wasn’t a proper rampage, that was a chore. (Elaboration: A chore and a half!) (Objection: But I want to destroy a city toooo! (Answer: It’s a big city, there’s plenty for everyone. And Jyothky didn’t destroy a city, just a bunch of little camps. (Objection: a lot of camps! (Answer: Shut up!)))))

Oh, and Arilash and Llredh are out because they don’t have any dangersense. The Tresteans have lots more big twistor projectors which could potentially kill a dragon. These are smaller ones, shooting a few miles instead of all the way across the world. But they’d hurt, and a badly-timed shot or two would kill. We persuaded them Arilash and Llredh to stay out of the way. Arilash looked a bit disappointed, but told the drakes to loot a lot for her. Llredh — that most aggressive of dragons — looked unconcerned and said he’d find something else to do. Marriage, or fake marriage, seems to rather change a drake.

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