Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Too Much Diplomacy (Mating Flight 118/240)

Too Much Diplomacy (Days 82 through 87)

Day Diplomacy Dragons
82 A general agreement to table the discussion of killing Shuvanne. Osoth and Llredh got into a terrible fight about … something. I think it might have been cheese sauce. Or someone’s honor. Maybe one of them splashed the other with cheese sauce? In any case, Osoth got his forewings terribly crunched, and Ythac and I had to bodily pull Llredh off Osoth before he did the hindwings too.
83 Blinding success! An agreement that the Trestean army’s military budget not be entirely paid as reparations, but that they would bring their army within their own borders. This makes some sense because they need to pay for moving lots of stuff all around. Arilash and Csirnis put on a rather spectacular amatory display. Nobody said a word to me. I was ashamed anyways, and whined at Tarcuna for a long time afterwards. She was sympathetic enough, because she had to be I suppose. I miss Xolgrohim; he’s easier to whine at.
84 Csirnis conceded that Trest can fly civilian airships, just not military ones. Trest agreed that they will pay reparations to Ze Cheya. Everyone snarled at Csirnis for conceding points. He snarled back that that’s what negotiation is about. Everyone snarled at Csirnis more for starting with what is lawful, if he’s going to give a bunch of it away.
85 Trest agreed to repudiate further violence against Ze Cheya. Unless Ze Cheya continues to ally themselves with Trest’s enemies. Csirnis and Zakuna allowed Trest to get away with fourfold punative damages, instead of the original twelvefold. Everyone snarled more at Csirnis. Arilash declaimed at length about how ashamed she is for copulating with such a one as Csirnis two days ago. Csirnis flew off to Mt. Monjior to “meditate”.
86 Csirnis informed the hovens that our further demands are no longer negotiable. The hoven ambassadors were rather ticked! They argued; Csirnis held firm. They expostulated; Csirnis held firm. They bickered; Csirnis held firm. They remonstrated; Csirnis held firm. They even quibbled; Csirnis prods them with his hukuchô and they stoped quibbling and start dribbling. Day’s negotiations ended early. Arilash and I both rewarded Csirnis. Stroblanders don’t cook with vegetable oil though. Mountain goat butter — not clarified — works just fine, though I smelled rather nasty and goaty about the genitalia despite washing in the ocean for some while. I must find some soap next time. Afterwards, Arilash utterly demolished me in a dominance fight, five touches to one. And her second touch wrecked my left eye. She healed it before I managed to, but that was her third touch. I should stop fighting Caramelles with her, and switch to just classical Dominances.

Which brings us to this morning. Csirnis walked glidingly into the tent — how does he do that? — and said to Hemmo, “Today, you must accede to the rest of our conditions. If you do not, we will no longer negotiate a peace treaty. Instead, we will start to negotiate a war treaty.”

So we spent the next half-hour explaining what a war treaty is to the Stroblanders and the Zeanese and such. The Tresteans already knew. They are listening to Tarcuna.

Hemmo tried to avoid Csirnis’ fork. “I believe that progress is possible on your sixth point. Our medical establishment can, we believe, develop a test for the presence of cyoziworms — if provided with a few samples — and, armed with that test, we could establish a legal procedure so that our doctors and police could provide you with the so-called ‘wormridden’… yark!

The ”yark!” was probably due to Csirnis breathing a circle of fire around him, without touching him. So elegantly he made every dragoness’s heart sing. Probably Ythac’s too, though Ythac better not touch Csirnis. “Centered circle! Eighteen points!” warbled Arilash, as if this were a tsheriaf game.

“I imagine that such a medical test and legal procedure will be helpful when we resume negotiations for the peace treaty. This will happen after the upcoming war. It is now time for violence, or, more properly, planning for violence.”

Various hovens argued. Csirnis was having none of it. The diplomacy adjourned for the day.

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