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A Missile from Home [27 Chirreb 4260]

Surprise starts tomorrow. I bet Havune a lozen that it'll be a cold Surprise. Either way I am the victor: a hot Surprise will be comfortable, and if it's a cold Surprise, I will shiver terribly and wrap myself in guntry-skins, but at least I have won the bet.

On another matter, in no way can I be the victor. Hezimikkinen wrote to ~mother~ before the thought of writing ever occurred to me -- centuries of being in the Ducal Court of Vheshrame have sharpened zir words and wits to being more dangerous than a jag-sword with each of its dozen tips dipped in Howly poison from a different stravile adder. (I am not yet experienced at courtly language, so I have to practice it at every chance I get, no matter how purple it dyes the pages of this journal.)

Or, at least, zie told ~mother~ about zir quarrel with me and its resolution.

~Mother~ seems to generally agree with Hezimikkinen. I am here, zie writes, to learn things, not to challenge my vastly more powerful and experienced half-sibling to the duello, nor yet to turn the generally friendly relations between our countries into a curdled, sickening-sour mess. Politeness, she says, well-becomes a Zi Ri, given that I cannot ever escape my reputation (whatever reputation I build); that it will fester in history books and records of courtly events for centuries.

(I went to the academy library to see who was looking up the court records from a thousand years ago. The last time they were checked out was seventy-three years ago, by a Rassimel-scholar-of-course. I looked up the articles by that scholar. They tied my neck and tail in knots, arguing some beastly little intellectual point about whether Orren or Rassimel contributed more to the decline in the court's morality and the concomitant increase in dissention and divorce. I don't think ~mother~ really wins that round -- though I am just barely polite enough not to tell zir so just yet.)

~Mother~ reminds me to take at least half my classes in magic. To my lips this brings a vast and smoky sigh. I have plenty of time to learn and practice magic -- I have neither desire nor impulse nor wish to become a great wizard before mid-Surprise, nor yet by Midwinter's day next year. I can do it by degrees (and not the kind that Vheshrame Academy grants!) over a century or so! I can work as, I don't care so much, a banker or a book-seller or some such, and bind spells on the side, or cast them for friends, or whatnot. There are no lack of fearsomely-mighty people in the family as it is. I imagine it would take me ten thousand years to get to where Glikkonen is after only four -- even if I studied constantly, he invented some of the basic magical techniques, he bickered with gods ... those things don't happen in the modern world!

~Mother~ has the very best of intentions, I do not doubt that for half a moment, but zie's half the World Tree's lifetime old, and I doubt zie's been out of her amber tower two months since I hatched. Zie can't really understand modern life, can zie
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