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Ruins (Mating Flight 100/240)


The main tower of Ze Cheya’s national radio station had been smashed, but some of the lesser stations had survived. They somehow caught the words of Archconsul Shuvanne of Trest, and broadcast them.

For some weeks, there have been reports of terrible monsters, destroying and fornicating and ravaging, probably released from the deadliest depths of Garchune by the apostates and anti-consulars who still remain in Ghemelia. We have been monitoring the situation as the beasts increased the range and ferocity of their devastations. Starting with Trestean army outposts in Ghemelia, and testing their weaponry by melting parts of the Khamrou mountains. Increasing to holy sites like the Kyongsy Temple outside of Trest. Then to actual attacks within Trest itself, in Dorday and Churry City. Finally they revealed the fullness of their destructive intentions, and were only prevented from utterly obliterating Port-of-Zom by the most extreme efforts and severe sacrifices of the Vlechinse army and air force.

In solidarity with decent and orthodox people everywhere, with our cousins the Vlechinse, and in protection of our own interests, I ordered the Peace Everywhere Array to strike at the monsters the next time they were gathered in a single place. Earlier today, they gathered in the air over Ze Cheya. The King of Ze Cheya struck a diabolical alliance with the infernal beasts. They were allowed to range freely in his country, choosing their own victims to devour or worse among his citizens. In exchange they supported his own non-consular regime and started preparing to assault the peace-loving people of the world.

Intelligence reports confirm that they were planning to attack Trest. General Marzoni, in charge of the Peace Everywhere Array, notified me and asked for my recommendation. I ordered him to eliminate the monsters.

Three full barrages of fifteen projectors each were used in the attack, separated by thirty seconds. I firmly believe that the monsters were entirely destroyed by Trest’s attack. Trest’s military, by the grace of Drukah and Bmern, is superior to any monsters from Garchune.

In any operation of this nature, some civilian casualties are inevitable. The Trestean government officially regrets any such. However, the final responsibility for these casualties belongs to the King of Ze Cheya for making common cause with demons.

We trust that the decent people of Hove will join us in our applause and enthusiastic support for the Peace Everywhere Array and the Trestean military.

Good night, and may Drukah and Bmern bless and protect all people.

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