Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Quest for Roommates, 2 [24 Trandary 2461]

(OOC: No, I didn't write this since Rhys (pre-nee "Mothra") showed up; I had written it a bit before he was born. Today is the first day when I had the time and energy to so much as post it.)

Ghirbis:"Sythyry! You're at the top of that yilliat tree, I know it for a sureness! Come down, descend, return to the earth and the boardwalk and the windowsill, for we must converse and discuss and, should all go well, hobnob!"

Me:[flying down]"You speak alarmingly and at great length!"

Ghirbis:"Oratory class -- if I cannot practice upon you, upon whom may I practice? The seller of lowly leeks and ramps and scallops in the market..."

Me:"Scallions, not scallops."[A literal translation would be, "prens and apples and souffles" -- " "pears, not souffles". -bb]

Ghirbis:"Scallions, of course! A seven-pronged iridescent licorice-stuffed curse upon the differences between the Yistreain and Choinxeian dialects -- they render all communication impossible and ineffectual and perhaps even inaccurate!"



Me:"You can practice on Floosh."

Ghirbis:"A most redoubtable and invulnerable plan. In any case, we must discuss roommates."

Me:"I've had some slight disappointments. And mutations."

Ghirbis:"I, also, have had some slight disappointments. No mutations though."

Me:"Well, then. Vingi is content remaining where he is at the moment, at least until his lease is over, which will be somewhat under a year but not very much under a year."

Ghirbis:[singing]"Vingi is content -- octagonally content -- lazy and chubby and easy and content -- content, content! He shall not move, he shall not stir, he shall not budge, he is content!" She does this from time to time; all oratory students do.

Me:"Also Broon will not move from where he rests now -- and you must not sing about that! -- though he suggested that his fiance Anoof might very well share a room with Narngi."

Ghirbis:[singing]"I must not sing of Broon -- I shall not sing of Broon -- of Broon no chanting shall curl my tongue -- of Broon no tune may be begun."

Me:"I haven't tracked down Real-Eel yet. How are you doing?"

Ghirbis:"Narngi is generally interested, though of course she would prefer not to be the only Cani to be found. Claryelle is not interested. She spat -- she hissed -- she bit -- she clawed -- she assaulted me with sparks and lightnings and flashes and boomage."

Me:"That violent?"

Ghirbis:"In Claryelle you do not have your best friend, nor your heart's confidante, nor the carpenter to build your bedroom roof, nor the mighty hero to rescue your kidnapped half-sibling."

Me:"My half-sibling could char-broil half of Vheshrame. And marinate it first. Zie rarely needs zir rescuing."

Ghirbis:"Claryelle's opinion of you could also char-broil half of Vheshrame."

Me:"That bad? For rooming with Dustweed?"

Ghirbis:"I exaggerate slightly for oratorical prowess. Her exact words on the topic were, 'Sythyry is only moderately annoying, but zir friends are not to be tolerated around the house in which I live.' So, as you can see, she will chase you to the very tip of Choinxeia to have her revenge on you."

Me:"It is hard to adequately express my delight at this. At least without using vulgarity."

Ghirbis:"Vulgarity in Quendry House will only be permitted in the pantry!"

Me:"Far too strict! Vulgarity must be allowed in the parlor as well, as long as you or I have given the vulgarian a formal feather-decorated Staff of Low Language."

Ghirbis:"Ordinarily I recommend absolute strictness and will utterly defy your request ..."


Ghirbis:"Deny and defy both! But this time I understand the sensibility of your position. I shall be plucking you directly for the feathers!"

Me:"That you shall not!"

Ghirbis:"That I shall not! Still, we are not doing very well collecting minions to assuage our debts. We have, at most, half a room committed."

Me:"Well, we must ask Dubaille. No further choices remain to us in the entire city."

Ghirbis:"Now it is your time to swim with the boiling alligators."

Me:"We shall make Pazi-Pazi pay rent."

Ghirbis:"Ah! This will solve all serious difficulties. Still, rich as she may be, she will take up no bedroom -- let us rent the remaining three bedrooms none-the-less, and thereby become wealthy beyond our wildest dreams."

Me:"A most inspired plan."

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