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Seduction of Greshthanu, part 2 (Mating Flight, 60/240)

Nrararn followed me on wings of wild wind as I fled. “Jyothky, Jyothky, come back, stop!”

After a while, I did. “I should just go home, shouldn’t I? Or find a spare corner of Hove on the other side of the Godaxle.”

“No, no, nothing like that. Greshthanu is just being a blockhead. He’s always going off on crazy tangents and stupid enthusiasms like that. Nobody takes him very seriously,” said Nrararn.

“Well, he’s right about this one. I killed three hovens for two gallons of ghee and a pawful of spices,” I said.

“That’s maybe a bit much — but that’s a blockhead way to look at it. You helped the native peoples strike back against the occupying invaders,” Nrararn said calmly. “It’s not as if you raided the grocer and slaughtered all the hovens who stood in your way. That would be excessive. Helping free the country we landed in — not so excessive. I could imagine we’d decide to do that for some reason, and for less profit than some ghee.”

“That’s comforting. Not exactly true though, since I wasn’t that conscientious about it,” I said.

“Good enough for everyone but Greshthanu, I think. Even Csirnis wasn’t too disturbed by it,” said Nrararn. “And I don’t think Greshthanu is exactly your best choice.” Comforting, and still managing to be competitive, is my clever little Nrararn.

“Not my best choice for today,” I said.

Nrararn smiled at me, and half-spread his wings, and radiated sparks of lightning.

“OK. You are. But you’d better use the ghee. It’s ripped from the bleeding heart of Ghemelia. I spilled oceans of blood to get it, and duelled the great beast, and won,” I said. “So I hope you like it.”

He giggled, and took the can from me, and poured a bit carefully on himself.

It works fine.

And if I’m miserable when I start instead of excited, my senseless feelless numb body doesn’t realize there’s even a pretty boy drake to pay attention to, and so I’m morose at everyone instead of horrible afterwards. Even Xolgrohim couldn’t cheer me up very much. Probably this is an improvement.

I really wish this mating flight were over.

Coda: Scores

Every drake who didn’t come to comfort me gets -4! (If I were keeping score on me, I’d get about a -12.)

Fiancé Last Time Change This Time
Csirnis 51 -4 47
Llredh 44 -4 40
Ythac 25 -4 21
Greshthanu 27 -8 19
Osoth 19 -4 15
Nrararn 21 +1 22
Tultamaan -12 -4 -16

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