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Seduction of Csirnis (Mating Flight 52/240)

Seduction of Csirnis

After a few hours of assorted moping, mixed with occasional periods of introspection and deprecation, I decided that I’d start off by coupling with Csirnis. This was very practical. If anyone can make me feel like a worthwhile dragoness doing the noble and honorable thing even if it’s not exactly what I’d be doing for my own purposes, it’s got to be Csirnis. He does the noble and honorable thing as easily as breathing. Well, breathing fire.

When I got back to the camp, Csirnis and Llredh were circling around in the middle air, with most of the dragons watching. Llredh swatted at Csirnis with a brutal forepaw full of glittering white claws. Csirnis dodged with lazy elegance and grace, and snapped at Llredh’s wrist with his tail. Llredh growled in pain. The spectators warbled, “First blood to Csirnis!”

I called out, “Winner copulates with me!”

All the dragons peered up at me. Greshthanu shouted back, “How come you never do that when I’m fighting!”

“I will, I will,” I answered. I meant it, too.

“I see that my Impassioned Lecture has produced a Crude Approximation of the Right Result,” said Tultamaan, flicking his tailtip in annoyance.

“I see that I’m going to have a real challenge after all!” said Arilash, spreading her forewings happily.

“The prize, she is the small extra reason why I will win this contest!” said Llredh, and snarled, and flapped fiercely to get to Csirnis.

Csirnis slipped beautifully away from him, gliding over Llredh, trailing his hindpaw lazily and leaving a long red score down Llredh’s back. “Second blood to Csirnis too!” I called out. “Looks like he’ll be a happy drake soon!”

Llredh spun around in the air in a ferocious whirl. He caught Csirnis mid-tail in his jaws, and jerked his head, sending Csirnis into a ragged tumble. The two drakes fell together, thrashing and slashing faster than I could follow without actually being in the fight myself. Fifty feet from the ground they split apart, Csirnis flying to the river and Llredh landing in the circle of drakes, each bleeding from a dozen wounds.

“Csirnis? When you’re ready?” I called to him.

He looked back at me with a very noble expression. “Llredh won that fight, actually.”

Llredh hooted. “The quick victory, I have her! Csirnis hurt me more than I hurt him, yes, but I am the quick drake! All my claws taste his blood while he is figuring out which one with which to show more of mine!”

I stared at my intended drake, rather disappointed. He looked back at me. “Llredh is quite a skillful and mighty warrior when suitably inspired. I hope I shall have a rematch. With the same stakes, or any other, or none at all.” He smiled, and dipped his head, and sat by the river and healed his wounds.

Llredh looked up at me. “Hah, you do not expect to couple with mighty Llredh! Do not fear. There are worse fates … Ho, most fates are worse!” He smirked at Ythac. “My favorite sparring partner, you must trade stories with her! Or him, as the case of the moment may be!”

Ythac swatted at Llredh. “You’ll be my girl next time!” Most of the dragons chuckled. Apparently Ythac’s behavior is more amusing than anything else. Disgusting monsters.

“My girl this time, she is Jyothky!”

Right. Well, I did intend to be responsible with six of the seven. And besides, there’s nothing less responsible than not keeping your wagers and promises, even if they turn out wrong. So I circled overhead, waiting for Llredh to fix himself up. I was suave, I was collected, I was gleaming with lust and anticipation. Or trying to be.

«Don’t be so nervous, Jyothky,» wrote Ythac. «You look more like a very large flying rabbit than a dragon. Llredh is fine, he won’t hurt you, he knows what to do.»

«He can’t hurt me, anyways. I wish he could!» I scribbled back to Ythac.

«I didn’t mean it that way!» he wrote back.

«Well, how did you mean it then?» I snapped.

«Oh, never mind. Just don’t you hurt him

«What’s that supposed to mean?»

«It means I’ve distracted you with bickers ‘til your date-of-the-day is ready!» wrote Ythac. «That’s what friends are for.»

And Llredh was ready, indeed, very ready. He rose up, beautiful and strong, his own blood and the blood of his rival still red on his orange scales, and he took me in the sky, and we thrashed around in the middle air which had been his battleground. Most of my fiancés shouted encouragements, ‘til I breathed winter ice on them to shut them up.

He smelled good, very male, though not as eager as Osoth and Nrararn had been. I didn’t smell that eager myself of course… maybe I would have more for Csirnis. I didn’t enjoy it other than the smell really. From now on, why don’t you assume that that’s how all the sex goes, and I’ll tell you if anything is different?

When my claspers released him, he grunted to me, “To the desert of succulents, come with me, Jyothky.” I was about to complain that I had only offered one copulation, not all three, and if I was going to do more after all I sure wanted everyone to know that I could handle it. But he didn’t sound particularly lustful … more worried or something.

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