Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Romantic Advice from the Evil Dead. (Mating Flight 45/240)

Dead God’s Advice

I couldn’t sleep. So I went to the other cave, evaded a couple of drakes, and found Xolgrohim. Where I had left him — I don’t think he’d had any visitors.

“Good evening! And how are the concerns of the conquering lizards?” he asked.

So I complained about Arilash and Ythac and more Arilash to him. He listened with suitable sympathy. I suppose I was the best entertainment around.

“Speaking as the ghost of a man who had many loves in his life … may I speak frankly, without offense?”

“Of course! You’re the only one around who can.”

“It seems to me that Ythac’s love for you is not, shall we say, one of the great epic loves of all time. Actually, do dragons have great epic loves?”

I snorted sparks. “Oh, of course we do! Elelizet and Harco, Dathe and Esrret … lots of them!”

“I am not sure that Ythac and Jyothky will soon join their place in the draconic literary canon,” he said in a silky little voice. “It could be shyness, this soft little evasion of his. But he is not shy with anyone but you. His excuse rings false. Perhaps you could pry deeper, and find a real reason. He would not be the first man to tell a woman that he loved her as a sort of distraction, a way to keep her quiet while he pursued another. He will mate with Arilash, you say?”

“Yes, he will. While he’s declaring his love for me, even.”

“And Arilash — she sounded evasive, to me. It could be that they have secretly chosen each other. They cannot say so yet. But perhaps they are trying to keep you unaware of their intentions towards each other, to prevent you from taking any strategically potent actions now, while it is easy.”

“Insidious beasts!” I hissed. “What should I do about that?”

“Well, what steps can you take, towards capturing Ythac’s affection? Especially if he refuses to mate with you?”

“I can think of something!” I snarled. So I stomped out of Xolgrohim’s alcove, to where Ythac was sprawled next to Llredh. I thumped him with my tail to wake him up, and kissed him severely, and stomped off to my own cave to try to sleep.

“The kissing, is there some especial reason for her?” asked Llredh, when I was out of the chamber but not out of earshot.

“I think I had a fight with her earlier today. I think she just forgave me,” Ythac answered.



Ythac, Llredh, and Greshthanu lose lots of points for mount-fighting. Just this once. Unless it bothers me a lot more sometime later.

Fiancé Last Time Change This Time
Csirnis 40 +4 44
Llredh 36 -4 32
Ythac 29 -8 21
Greshthanu 23 -4 19
Osoth 24 0 24
Nrararn 20 0 20
Tultamaan -9 0 -9

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