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Execution (Memories of Mhel) (Mating Flight 36/240)


The actual execution was pretty straightforward. The mhelvul had already collected all the people to be executed. There was a bit of shuffling, as Bdresia and her sister, and two other builder’s daughters who had gone to Drumet Academy, were set free. Ythac very nicely took them over to Headmistress Inth, since I still couldn’t walk. Not that I wanted to say anything to them just then.

Fresh mhelvul blood is very thick, and tastes somewhat like sulpherated chocolate, more than most of Mhel’s animals. Mhelvul bones are somewhat fibrous, and sometimes get stuck around your fangs, just like most other of Mhel’s animals. And if a mhelvul tries to flee, one quick little child-sized firebreath will remind them that they can, in the end, choose whether to die with dignity, or to be craven and make their surviving daughters’ lives just that much worse.

Two Years and More

I stayed with Rankotherium and Ythac for over a year. My parents flew in every week or so. They and Rankotherium became good friends, which was a nice bit of extra prestige for them. Ythac and I became good friends too, which was what Rankotherium wanted. I read every one of Rankotherium’s books from other worlds, and learned all about science that way.

Some girls from Drumet came to visit once, as an offical sort of embassy. They thanked me for saving their lives, and for punishing the builders. Some of them were sincere about that last to the point of bloodthirstiness. Verimet had huge scars and a crushed fang and every reason to be angry. Some of them were barely able to talk to me. I can’t blame Bdresia for that. I could barely talk to her. It was a hideously awkward visit, and I sent Headmistress Inth a letter asking that her charges not be subjected to that again. By which I meant that I wouldn’t be.

After the year, or so, I flew home. With an escort of four dragons to levitate me if I couldn’t fly all the way. Which I couldn’t, then.

It was almost two years before I was pretty much healed.

And I really haven’t recovered yet completely. I’m much smaller than I would be if I hadn’t gotten hurt. And it probably is why my first egg was delayed so long.

It’s also why I’m so fussy about wearing apotropaic spells all the time. That’s good, right?


And nothing interesting has happened today, and I am tired of writing.

Coda: Scores

Fiancé Last Time Change This Time
Csirnis 38 0 38
Llredh 36 0 36
Ythac 27 0 27
Greshthanu 28 0 28
Osoth 17 0 17
Nrararn 15 0 15
Tultamaan -8 0 -8

Actually, I don’t like any of them today. Two dozen points off for everyone!

Fiancé Last Time Change This Time
Csirnis 38 -24 14
Llredh 36 -24 12
Ythac 27 -24 3
Greshthanu 28 -24 4
Osoth 17 -24 -7
Nrararn 15 -24 -9
Tultamaan -8 -24 -32

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