Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[22 Trandary 4261]

The Quest for Roommates

Well after midnight last night, Ghirbis and I were both awakenend by the realization that we have promised more money for Quelldrie House than we have to spend on it, and that we must find roommates, and best if we do it ... oh ... now. So I joined her for an alarming and entirely Evil breakfast -- who but a Yistreain would have round-buns with soft cheese (which is normal) and pepper paste (which is painful) for breakfast? -- and for a discussion of all our friends and associates.

Who The Charge The Defense The Judgement (so far)
Havune Gh: How about Havune? Me: He is nice and behaves well generally, but he is awfully fussy. He drove Thery out of the apartment, and got us Dubaille instead. Gh: I suppose it would be good to have a little leeway on when, exactly, Jarmiet does the dishes, or whether a pile of textbooks can be left in the parlor during exam week.
Thery and Yarwain Gh: Well, how about Thery and her boyfriend? Me: Eep! That might not be a good idea but I can't tell you why! Gh: That rather puts a bite on the discussion! You must now suggest a someone!
Valeriant Me: Your quiet roommate? Gh: Valeriant will live with her husband and mari. Me: Oh.
Vingi Me: Vingi? Gh: Vingi the Orren would be fine, though he is very foreign! From Yistreia, evil evil! Vingi the Rassimel I do not like. Also he is from Vheshrame.

Me: There's a Vingi the Rassimel?

Gh: Vorvingion oa Thirly, yes.

Me: How unsettling.

Real-Eel Me: Real-Eel too? Gh: Do Vingi and Real-Eel want to live together? Me: I hadn't heard ... and Real-Eel probably doesn't want to move. I volunteer, bravely, to investigate the matter without making an offer.
Broon and Narngi Me: How about Broon and Narngi? Gh: They are not so bad. (maybe)
Claryelle Gh: What about Claryelle? She is looking for a room. Me: She doesn't like me ... actually I think she doesn't like Dustweed and I'm sort of caught in the wake of that. She's entirely possible. (maybe)
Dubaille Gh: I have it! The dentist of teapot destroying! Me: For this suggestion I must immerse you in a pool of boiling alligators. Gh: That seems fair, or, perhaps, even generous.

So that's a few choices. Now it seems very hard -- what if we get people who don't like each other, or get along badly, or something else horrid? Broon and Narngi are nice enough, but if we have two Cani -- especially two engaged Cani -- won't they sort of take over? What if I fall in love with Vingi by mistake? (Aside from that Real-Eel will murder me, or, perhaps, marry me.) Eep! Fear!

Strenata on Rhedwy

I tried to complain to Strenata about having to share a worktable with Rhedwy. I was not notably successful. It is a horrible thing when one cannot even complain adequately.

"Oh, that's wonderful!", she said.

I was not entirely sure why it was wonderful.

"You can help her out with things that need hands. You can introduce her to people."

I was not entirely sure why I should be helpful to a Sleeth.

Rhedwy is, it turns out, a friend of the family to Strenata -- to all the Strenatas, including the ones that don't change personal name very often. More than just a friend: an adventuring companion. Kaim-Su and Rhedwy and others have questioned a nycathath in the deep Verticals; they have retrieved the body of Baron Dashkullar after a distinctly unsuccessful carcanofex hunt on his part; they have flown aboard a beast as big as an airship to negotiate with ulgrane. Their influence, together with big slabs of Rhedwy's own money, got her into the school.

Strenata was along when they chatted with the nycathath.

Me:"Seven staring gods!"

Strenata:[laughing]"Did you think I bought a high-quality Airador flight spell so I could play Mircannis in The Cheeses of Oorah Thrassen? I am not so flighty as that! Uncle Kaim-Su copied it out for me so I could join in the family business."

I am trying to date an adventurer.

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