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Everyone Must Cook Day [26 Chirreb 4026]

For the last several days, I have been lazy about making food, spending amber for it rather than cooking more cheaply. The stack of takeout chub-beetle cages and sandwich boxes by the water basin fell over this morning, so Havune declared that, first, we must clean up the kitchen, and, second, today is Everyone Must Cook Day. Havune has affan in matters of food, it seems, and even though none of the rest of us are Cani, we all seem to give it to him.

So here's what we did.

Thery: Thery boiled up a mass of ving-beans and onions and garlics and green herbs in a big leather pot, and zapped it with a -Feed the Toothless Honored Elder- (Mu De Hr 5) to turn it into a puree sort of soup. She plans to eat this four meals a day for the next three days. Rassimel resist boredom the way Zi Ri resist fire; it is a mighty file.

Havune: Havune simmered a guntry's mid-leg with whole hosh and chopped carrots and fourty-three spices. It smells good, even to me. He has a great deal of reading to do by tomorrow, so he didn't want to spent too much time cooking.

Dustweed: Dustweed scooped a bowl of water from the boilypot, and threw a handful of crushed hosh into it, and chopped up a cabbage and a bitter lettuce, and had the dullest plue and terrissy I could imagine. Zie was particularly desparsome today, I suppose. Thery gave zir a cup of pureed bean soup, which was, I guess the nicest thing anyone did for zir since dawn. (I didn't ask more.)

Me: I bought a half-pound of dried salted fish, planning to make stew, but Thery and Havune were ahead of me for that burner. I flew back to the smaller market and bought a big box of chub-beetles, and a small bottle of vinegar, and had time to get home before the others were done. Havune teased me somewhat, but, well, at least I bought the beetles at the market, and got enough for a couple days. After they are done, I will make salted fish stew.
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