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Coda: Chiriact. (Mating Flight 14)

Coda: Chiaract

I don’t know all that much about Chiaract. Somehow it seemed rude to interrogate Csirnis about his home. Actually about the home he just exiled himself from. So here’s what I know.

After my great-four-or-five-times grandparents discovered how to give their children the Great Separation, my great-three-or-four-times grandparents left Sśròu. I think a few of their parents came with them. There was a bit of discord with the dragons who didn’t get astral magic. One of us (the dragons who had the operation, viz. my ancestors, viz. us) had inherited a lifetime post, and when the unimproved dragons realized that he’d have it for many, many of their generations, they got rather upset and drove us all off.

(How could they, you might ask? Sorcery stunts your growth. They were bigger than us, maybe a lot bigger, and certainly far more numerous as well. Modern magic might be enough to compensate in a one-on-one fight against a far bigger dragon, or it might not. And I don’t think my ancestors had very many good spells. And even modern magic isn’t that much of an advantage against a dragon. I usually lose fights to Arilash or Chevethna or Roroku, even though I have much better defensive spells.)

Anyways, my ancestors went to Graulfnir, which had the honor of becoming the first proper dragonworld. (Sśròu isn’t proper.) Their children mostly stayed on Graulfnir, though I think they colonized a few other worlds too. Their children, my great-or-great-great grandparents, didn’t have a lot of space on Graulfnir to live, so they colonized a lot of worlds, and Chiaract is one of those. So it’s been a dragonworld for a long time.

Chiriact is a Typical Toroid. That means it’s an inside-out world compared to, say, Mhel. And donut-shaped instead of round. It’s got three kind of people I think. We named it after the chir — I think they’re small and kind of buggish, but maybe they’re the long-haired six-legged ones. I can’t remember. The third kind is the gomgomfalloy, who are centipedes larger than a dragonet.

And it’s got politics. The original king and queen were my great-or-great-great grandparents’ generation, of course, since they colonized the place. But there was some sort of big dragon-war, the kind where we fight each other thoroughly. I think the original queen got killed by treachery, and the original king got crippled beyond healing magic and exiled, and then got mysteriously assassinated. And Csirnis’s parents took over after that.

Two wicked deeds in that story. Two blackmails that Csirnis revealed. I’ll bet they go together.

Anyways, back to Chiaract. The king and queen live in the Topaz Palace, that’s pretty famous. It started off as an immense mountain of impure mottled quartz and amethyst. Lots of small people mined for a long time to tidy it up and carve it into a palace. Then three dragons very carefully breath-roasted it until it was, by all reports, a quite uniform and beautiful citrine. It’s not topaz of course, just yellow quartz, but it’s supposed to be impressive and beautiful and imposing. (Hence the “fake topaz” that he doesn’t have any of now.)

And probably matches Csirnis’s scales perfectly.

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