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Dangerous Partners [19 Trandary 4261]

One must wonder why a Sleeth was allowed into Vheshrame Academy. Sleeth are, by nature, vicious and cruel, murderous and aggressive, secretive and unconcerned with nicities of social or even legal order.

Now, some intellectual honesty should be honored here. By the same token, Orren are, by nature, inconstant and frantic, mercurial and more than a touch silly, and given to awful fits of impartial rationality. (Oh, and intensely cute.) This doesn't mean that all Orren are all of those all the time: Real-Eel, for example, is rarely frantic or silly, and Seeks-Whatever Strenata is generally quite organized when she's rushing. But I defy you to find a single Orren in all Vheshrame who doesn't at least sometimes exhibit all of those.

(And yes, I am trying to act mysterious and wise. It is harder than it looks. Of course, acting mysterious at a personal journal is a ridiculous notion, so I do not do.)

But back to Rhedwy -- the Sleeth has a name. Also she has an apartment, with howling Rassimel heads that haven't been painted over, and I should imagine a strong lingering scent of Spirshash and Tillissa and Oostmarine and a great deal of Orreny anger that she can smell even if I can't.

I must wonder why Rhedwy was admitted to Vheshrame Academy. I suspect that there was a substantial price in amber paid to someone. Rhedwy is rich -- not rich the way that a noble or a merchant is rich, with lands and goods and houses and servants and money in the bank. Rhedwy is rich the way a wild Verticals barbarian murderess adventuress is rich. She's got an enchanted copper torc with cute vicious serpent heads at the ends. She has enchanted ebony and mnenorzion earrings. She has enchanted leather saddlebags on her shoulders -- that's an enchantment I understand at least, and a simple one, so that the saddlebags can hold a great deal of whatnots and not even weigh her down. Gods only know what she keeps in there -- more enchanted whatnots, I know for a fact -- a live pocker for a snack in the middle of class I should imagine -- I don't know.

Now, the Enchantment workshop has only so many tables, and so there are a few more students than tables, and some students must share tables. Now, the daughter of a count need not share a table with anyone, and the Great Baron presumptive of Here-and-There need not share a table with anyone, and Esory who is a family friend of Prof. Alzagond need not share a table with anyone ... which leaves:

Prof. Alzagond:"O Zi Ri, you're small and magic-resistant. You shall share Table Sh with Rhedwy."

Delightful. As the smallest, most vulnerable, most killable, most edible person in class, I am sharing a worktable with a Sleeth. She just grinned at me, no doubt wondering how much of my neck she could get into her mouth at once.

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