Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Prizes! Prizes!

Prizes! Prizes!

(Prize: a pre-delphinic olomite!) Question:An agonizing spiral rash has afflicted your wardrobe! What ointment do you buy to ameliorate it? The prize goes to greenreaper for the answer Trick question: I love agonizing spirals!

Olomite (pre-Delphinic)

(Prize: prize is a classic strainster!) Question: What could you cover a frusthung with, to make it less gruesome? Instructions: Which is the best answer? The prize goes to rowyn for the answer Dragons


(Prize prize is a dilbago!) Question: Charles Babbage's mechanical seamstress has gone berserk and is attacking you! Fortunately you know its password, which is … The prize goes to deor for the answer Ada


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