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Cleiestis 9: The Preaching-Talk of Kuur

Mirrored from Sythyry.

This being read for Tllith of Yirien, Princess of Septoulny Swamp, «Language»-mage, «Cuisine»-mage. This being written by Cleiestis of Gemgaru. Layer of six fertilized eggs is she; one is crushed. Priestess of the third florescence is she, mistress of seven spells and three visible and four invisible potencies. Wife of Tomolrouc is she, who is the assistant administrator of flying insects to the Hoouthgala district. Kidnapped and word-knotted by Kuur Molk Hasp is she, who is worthy of every curse and suffering. The hope from here is that you are in a state of delighted, and that three happinesses and four contentments are on you.

My prison box — Contained in the Gongonhong totem, having never left it since it was put therein yesterday. With totem, carried by Kuur’s son and another to the outside. Swaying as it was carried, waving as it was moved. No treetop in a storm has ever seemed less steady than this totem, nor is there a branch to coil around in the prison.

Kuur: Dumu Thoik! Now I speak to all Dumu Thoik! I, Kuur Molk Hasp, of the family of the ancient kings of Dumu Thoik! Gongonhong himself is the founder of my family line, and through an unbroken line of father to son I am the son’s son of Gongonhong!

Yult: Kuur! You are a no-good lame-leg fugg-bagg! Shut up with your boasting and your calling! Most of us have to work in the morning! The voice of Yult is deep and growly and full of anger.

Kuur: Yult! This is how I know his name. In no way am I boasting! Gongonhong himself visited me this afternoon!

Yult: Kuur! Your stupid head is maybe as broken as your limpy leg! Did you see Gongonhong in your beer? Or in the torch-water that the Scorth give?

Kuur: Gongonhong arrived in a transcendental glow. He veiled his face in incense-smoke, so that I should not be burned. He gave me instructions, as a paternal grandfather instructs a grandson! He gave me instructions to communicate to all the tribes!

Yult: I can hear these famous-stupid instructions now. Gongonhong says to you, Kuur! I command you to drink more beer! I command you to fuck other mens’ wives! I command all the tribes to bring you beer! I command all the tribes to bring you women! Kuur, you are a stupid bomp, and full of your tricks. We are busy men, we have to mine for the Scorth. We do not need another master to boss us around.

Kuur: Yult, you shall throw yourself to the ground and beg for the forgiveness of Gongonhong when you know the truth. And I shall grant it, for the will of Gongonhong is for the good of all the tribes, and no harm shall come to any shoik on Mount Dumu by the will of Gongonhong. The opposite! Good shall come to every shoik on Mount Dumu by the will of Gongonhong!

Yult: What good is there in your beer-bubble imagine god, or his words?

Kuur: Yult, you have a heavy bruise on your arm.

Yult: Yes, stupid Kuur, I have a heavy bruise on my arm, and it hurts like a cliff-sheep kicked it. In the mines there are many ways to get hurt, in accidents from the living rock, or punishments from the Scorth. If you were not a lazy-ludd you would be mining yourself and you would know this.

Kuur: Gongonhong brings gifts of ancestral grace to every shoik of the Dumu Thoik! To you he brings a granting of healing! Stretch your arm past the velvet panel on this totem, and you will be bruised no more!

Yult: What’s back there?

Kuur: A mystery shared between myself and my paternal grandfather Gongonhong! For you — all you need to know is, a single finger inside the veil, and you shall be healed!

Yult: Kuur! I make you this bet! I shall try this thing! But if I stick a finger inside and am not instantly healed by Gongonhong, I shall clout you with a mattock until you have three bruises each as bad as this, and you must shut up!

Kuur: Yult! I accept your bet! But if you are healed, you must hear the speaking of Gongonhong as he gave it to me, and you must obey it!

Yult: I accept these terms, inasmuch as your vision of Gongonhong is a phantom of beer bubbles and drug-smoke.

A smashed-tipped finger — stuck into my box under the curtain! I did not want to heal it, but I had to heal it or choke on words.

Yult: Kuur! What is this? My bruises fade like water sinking into hot sand! My pain departs like the yaksha-bird when it hears a sound! My fingertip that was flat from a crushing between rocks, it is as round as my dick!

Kuur: Are you healed, O my clan-cousin?

Yult: I am healed, O my clan-cousin — O my headman and high priest! This is a miracle of Gongonhong, such as has not been seen on the slopes of Mt. Dumu in centuries!

Kuur: It is as I told unto you. Rather, it is as Gongonhong told unto me.

Yult: Gongonhong! Gongonhong is back, with his power and his fire! What does he wish?

Kuur: Gongonhong is back, with his power and his fire. He knows the whips and guns of the Scorth! He deplores the slaveries and mining they have given to every shoik who can mine! He deplores their takings, their beatings, their shootings, their laws! He commands that the traditional ways shall be restored. He commands that the Scorth be killed and driven away. He commands that the Dumu Thoik be restored to their old ways, their happy ways! This is the will of Gongonhong! And we are to perform it!

Yult: This is the beneficient will of Gongonhong! And we shall perform it!

Three or four other voices — Echoed that.

This performance — we repeated several times, with variations. Seven or eight voices answered the second time. Fifteen or sixteen the third. Thirty-one or thirty-two the fourth. And after that the voices were a thunder of chanting: Gongonhong! Gongonhong! Kuur! Kuur! Kuur Molk Hasp!

Villain entire — a one who kills children of an alien species without conscience, is one who cheats his own people.

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