Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Confronting Yarwain [12 Trandary 4261]

Me:"Yarwain? I understand you have a secret these days."

Yarwain:[Bowing slightly]"Yes, indeed, I have a secret."

Me:"Are you sure you're being entirely fair to Thery?"

Yarwain:"Rather the contrary. I am sure that I am being unfair to Thery, and worse to various others. But the main alternative was worse to us."

Me:"Worse? But you have lived with her for some months now ... you seem to get along fairly well, when you are about in public at least."

Yarwain:"Well, yes, and we get along well enough in private too of course." He shrugged, tail lowered with worry. "I do hope that will continue when there are three of us."

Well, most Rassimel prefer to marry by couples, but I imagine a few could by triples, or eighteens if they like. I had not thought that Thery liked Iska so well, nor Iska liked Thery, but I suppose it could be...

Me:(Cautiously)"When will that be?"

Yarwain:(looking quite worried)"Seven months or so, if all works well. Unfortunately Thery's family has a tradition of things not working very well."

Me:"Well, I imagine that if everyone were cautious and worked hard to be kind, it could work out passably."

Yarwain:"Well, under the circumstances we can hardly rely on Gloun to work hard to be kind. She could be somewhat the opposite, and nobody would think the worse of her for it."

At this point I realized that, not only had I misunderstood things, I had misunderstood what I had misunderstood, and had absolutely no idea. So, how to get Yarwain to tell me what he was actually up to, without admitting how wrong I had been.

Me:"It's hardly my area of greatest skill, but if there's any sort of assistance I can give you, please call upon me." If he was up to something horrid after all, I could always demur.

Yarwain:"Provide us refuge in half-legendary Drchmaer, in case my family doesn't take as well to its increase as I expect them to?"

Me:"Is that a likely need?"

Yarwain:"I think I know my parents well enough. They have met Thery, and found her not wholly disagreeable. They would prefer an actual noble; yet her birth is high enough for them not to be overly embarrassed."

"Aha!" I thought to myself. "Yarwain, you are planning an elopement!"

Me:"Will you be married here? Or in Ulmarn? And when?"

Yarwain:[with a little self-depreciating laugh]"We can hardly make such plans yet. Presumably here, and presumably performed in a great hurry."

Me:[with much unintentional blinking]"What, you don't know?"

Yarwain:[shaking his head sadly]"Oh, there are certain signs, and certain spells for that matter. But what we know today may no longer be true tomorrow; this is the difficulty. Thery's family is healthy in most ways, but not in this. In a month or two it will be less risky."

Me:"I see..." Which I did not, or not entirely, though as I transcribe the conversation it should have been obvious.

Yarwain:(shrugging)"There's little enough I can do to help at this point. My part is one of the easiest. It is, as you say, greatly unfair to Thery. Yet it was her idea to begin with, nor did she choose it with anything less than full understanding of the risks to her body and family and status and all. But for now I would rather speak of other things. Plotting and scheming deviously does not please me... but we have a single cast only, and we must line up as many tiles as we can."

Well, at least Iska is not involved, and Thery and Yarwain are on the same side, so it is not so bad as I thought.

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