Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Cleiestis 3: The Hand that Steals

Mirrored from Sythyry.

This being read for Tllith of Yirien, Princess of Septoulny Swamp, «Language»-mage. This being written by Cleiestis of Gemgaru. Layer of six fertilized eggs is she. Priestess of the third florescence is she, mistress of seven spells and three visible and four invisible potencies. Wife of Tomolrouc is she, who is the assistant administrator of flying insects to the Hoouthgala district. The hope from here is that you are in a state of delighted, and that three happinesses and four contentments are on you.

Despair — Very here!

The number of eggs — it was six. Counted by us and by our friends a thousand times! One egg — longer and narrower than the other, within it a boy-couatl for sure! Another egg — two small yellow spots in the third blue ring! Another egg — nine green rings instead of eight! Each egg we knew!

The hand — it was the hand of a mammal! Haired its skin above, slightly rough its skin below, scaleless, featherless! Four its fingers, one its thumb! No sort of person of Gemgaru has such a hand! But a legendary monster human of Tellosh! Smeared, with the ashes of burnt spices and crumbs of bird-shells! Reaching up from below as I coiled around the eggs from above! Grasping four eggs in the bigness of its palm and the wideness of its fingers! Pulling them down into the sand even as I struck at it! Gone before I reached it!

But — When digging in the sand, no eggs of the four! No hand for holding them! Three quarts of sand, then the bottom of the opal bowl! In the bottom of the opal bowl — no breaks, no cracks, no secret door. Just the bowl as it had been since my mother’s father hatched in it.

My eggs — two are here! Four are gone!

Where gone? — Unknown! Impossible!

Rage — is great, for the theft of my eggs!

Horror — is great, for the wicked apparition that steals eggs and is gone to nowhere! Will it come again? Will it take two more eggs?

The remaining eggs — hidden in a different spot! A new bowl made from clay! New sand and soil from our own pondside! Another room! At every minute — four spidersen or more! Two couatls or more! Rarely do I leave!

The remaining eggs — I will protect them with my life and with everything.

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