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OOC: My notes on Tllith

Mirrored from Sythyry.

foomf and others have asked about what Tllith looks like. Here are my notes, colored purple so you can tell they’re not part of the story. –bard

Tllith is a three-headed dragon with six legs.

Hditr helpfully exclaimed, “Furthermore you have shiny scales of a pretty purple, helpfully highlighted in blue here and there. I cannot tell if your scutes are purple or blue; I wish there was a color in-between for me to call them. Your tail is quite long for your size, perhaps three or even four feet. You are quite small: a regular dragon could eat an adult sheep at a single gulp, but you are no bigger than that adult sheep yourself. The pupils of your eyes are triangular. If I count properly, you have six eyes on your left head, one large one on your middle, and seven on your right. Your heads have very large and very flexible ears, such as make little sense on a lizard. Your paws are six-toed, with short claws of some translucent blue substance whose full nature I am unaware of. You have a pair of distinctly clothlike wings, but, of course, one corner of the left one is turning into language. Aside from that you look like a standard enough dragon.”

All the heads are on the small side, like cats’ heads. The muzzles are, similarly, smallish — Tllith is a predator, but not incredibly well armed.

  1. Left head: Apparently made of purple ice. Three stubby horns and eight barbels, six eyes. This breathes cold and ice (a yard-long ray), and has a tendency to accumulate a beard and moustache of icicles around the mouth and nostrils, annoying Tllith no end. The horns and barbels can surround the head (and anything else made of or covered with ice that is touching the head) with a cage of lightning, capable of delivering a substantial sting to anything that touches it.
  2. Middle head: Apparently made of flesh. One big eye, whose most intense gaze increases bacterial activity — its radience can cause wounds to become infected, hasten the leavening of bread, fermentation of wine, and maturation of cheese, and do amazing things involving halitosis and flatulence of living people. The eye has a heavily-scaled, thorn-lashed triple eyelid, and a double wall of fixed horns to protect it. This head breathes fire: a blue-purple gasjet of flame, which can be a few yards long and leaves small but painful burns on unprotected flesh, or sets things on fire, or, if Tllith works at it, can weld metal.
  3. Right head:Apparently made of swirly iridescent (purple-heavy) anodized metal. Seven eyes. A single sharp twirly unicorn horn eight inches long. The horn is of course magical: Tllith can cure the horn-wounds, by rubbing the side of the horn against them. The right head’s breath weapon, such as it is, is a stream or cone of dancing sparkling lights. They are not particularly damaging, but can be distracting or annoying; they are also Tllith’s only area attack.

Combat Prowess: Tllith can probably outfight an unequipped human. Tllith is unlikely to kill (both because it is not Tllith’s taste, and because Tllith is not that deadly.) An armed and armored warrior would probably win a fight against Tllith. We don’t expect many fights in this story though.

Magical Prowess: Tllith (and other dragons of Yirien) has a remarkable number of magical gifts for a person of the Ninety Worlds setting. They’re not all that useful in general, but obscure and semi-useful magical power is better than no magical power at all. Tllith’s domains, as they show up over the course of the story, will leave Tllith an intriguingly flexible mage. (But Tllith’s sigil magic will never be as powerful as the spells of a wizard. Then again, wizards’ power is limited to a small area — a world for the weakest, down to an acre or two for the strongest — and Tllith’s works throughout the Ninety Worlds.)

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