Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,


On the whole my fifthieth birthday was pretty quiet. We just moved into the new house — now called Eight Degrees of Freedom — and I want to get unpacked and feel like I actually live here soon. So we did some unpacking, some shopping, more shopping, more shopping, and ... some cooking! Finally! We have this wonderful kitchen, and we got to use it for real! Salmon, gnocci with fancy olive oil, and sauteed farm share veggies! A cheese sampler, with stinky cheese and figs and prosciutto and some lemon ricotta that is basically cheesecake! And, finally (we didn't make this one) a birth cake as designed by Dr. Seuss: the first one on this page, lopsided, with chocolate candles and swooples of brilliant tertiary colors.

And while we were devouring the cake, a mother deer and two fawns were having their dinner outside. We obviously cannot plant edible vegetation outside in this house. (Fortunately we have a greenhouse room to grow things indoors in.) We're not on a ton of land really, but there's a five-yard-wide strip of unusable rocky brambly diagonal land between us and the neighbor on one side, which (a) we can see nicely from the kitchen window, and (b) makes wonderful browing for deer.

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