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A Discourse on the Nature of Evil

Esory asked me "What, exactly, makes the Evil Neighbors Evil, if I might ask?"

I cannot explain the ultimate source of their Evil -- who could possibly understand such iniquity? But the reasons I call them Evil are these:

  1. They are the neighbors.
  2. They are foreign (viz. from off Choinxeia).
  3. They sent mice into our apartment. (Being Yistreian, they must of course love mice as food -- and Ghirbis does -- but they naturally trained a mouse as an agent and sent it along to our apartment, thereby forcing us to get Pazi-Pazi and endure her many torments. An insidious plot!)
  4. She did not adequately warn me about arhoolie leaves when we went to Tamvaus. The fact that no warning could have been adequate is, of course, no excuse.
  5. A bit of wickedness to wicked to remember!
  6. A bit of deviousness too devious for me to notice!

Nonetheless, I shall have to stop calling her Evil Neighbor soon. We will rent a house together (with enough other people to make it plausible). She will thereby be promoted to Evil Roommate. I will make a sign for her bedroom door to that effect.

A Flooooshcourse on the Nature of Evil

Floosh, when I finally got to talk to her, said something along these lines. She was clearer and more eloquent than I shall be.

  1. Most likely someone more perceptive and socially adept has noticed what Yarwain and Iska are up to. (E.g., Havune). It might be wise to leave the matter to them.
  2. It's not really my business at all. If I get involved I will surely embarrass myself again. ("again" was her word. Hmph.)
  3. If I were to do something, it should probably be talking to Yarwain.
  4. The reason she does not charge for advice in her shop is that if she were to charge for it, people would return it they way they sometimes do poptaloops, and advice is even harder to resell than poptaloops.
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