Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Attack on the Vepri

Mirrored from Sythyry.

The Vepri often said that they would be better off without any glates in their cities. So, we thought, let us make it so, and see how they do.

I don’t know who thought it first. Dozens of people take credit for it, or give credit to someone else. I suppose it was obvious. I certainly didn’t think of it myself.

The legeriat spent a short time debating it, and passed it easily. I vetoed it at first, as is my right to veto anything at all in Kismirth, since it was putting Vheshrame in the position of challenging the Cities of the Trough to a war, or a warrish sort of thing, which is kind of something that we need the Duke and Legeriat of Vheshrame to do rather than our glorified town council. This made me severely unpopular in Kismirth for a while. I managed to repair my reputation by getting Phaniet negotiate a treaty with Iluc and Draffmoug that we’d take some of their unwanted, wicked, criminal glates off their hands. At which point it wasn’t a war or a warrish sort of thing, with those two cities at least.

We have lots of teleport gates, and the flexible sort which can be placed anywhere that is desired. It is a simple matter to put a gate within easy reach of Iluc, or Draffmoug, or wherever.

Here’s Mocktschiba’s story. As usual, I am telling it because I know it, since we’re in a guild together and Mocktschiba occasionally deigns to talk to me. It’s typical enough of these immigrants, I suppose.

Mocktschiba’s Story

Me: “Tell me about your departure from Iluc, and your arrival here.”

Mocktschiba: “Why’s that?”

Me: “I’m writing it down.”

Mocktschiba: “Well, then, you buy me dinner — at Arfaen’s! — and I’ll tell you it all for you to write down.”

Me: “Certainly.”

Mocktschiba: “But no mentioning me moving in with Heen!”

Me: “I won’t.”

Mocktschiba: “Or marrying him!” (Yes, Heen is a Rassimel man, and Mocktschiba is an Orren man. As requested, I won’t tell any of the story of their early affairs, in Iluc. But I will of course quote Mocktschiba’s words precisely.)

Me: “I won’t.”

Mocktschiba: “Or divorcing him!”

Me: “I won’t. Just the story of when you came to Kismirth”

Well, I’d been broken in the Couturier’s Guild, that was a couple years before. I had been a master, but they can’t have perfectly good optimes taking orders from a glate! And of course I was a glate, I’d quarreled with Pumperpriest hadn’t I? So I was a journeyman-for-life, I thought. My own shop, but a tiny one that respectable folks wouldn’t buy from. No apprentices ever, and no master’s priveleges.

But they don’t want glates in Iluc at all now. They came to me, the Doippmers, and they pissed over all my stock-cloth, and they said, “You’re lucky to get our urine, you sclud. Now get out of town to Kismirth or we’ll come back and break your every bone.” They do that too.

It’s a hateful thing, being exiled from the city of your birth, don’t you know? But the city of my birth had turned into a hateful thing itself, and the Doippmers and Vepri the most of it.

So off I go to Kismirth. There’s a teleport gate set up just outside of the Iluc city wall. I’ve got as much as I can carry, but they won’t even let me have a mule or a handcart. Just a big bale on my back.

Well, I pops through the gate. Then there’s a hike down a long pier. I can see Kismirth down at the end of it, but a mile with such a big bale, ow! Hurts.

But then I get to the end of the pier and my luck turns. Who is there but this Rassy dressed like a prince, with a crown and everything. Guess what, he is a prince! So what does he do, this prince of yours? Welcomes me to Kismirth, helps me take the bale off my back, and sets me on a nice bench and goes and gets me a plate of tea and coffee cake and grilled chub-beetles with his own hands. Rightie-o, then, I don’t know what they’re doing here, but I bet I’ll be lifting my tail in a bordello by tomorrow night. That’s what I think. And then, That’s a dunfy better deal that I’d be getting in Iluc. Not how it turned out in Kismirth actually. I never lifted my tail for anyone but that I wanted to lift it for, and all for free.

So then Heen gets there, my friend from the guild back in Iluc, raised up to master and crushed down to journeyman same time as me. He takes half my bale and half my coffee cake, and we go off to look for a place for me to stay. The Greeters of Kismirth offered me an apartment all of my own, free for five years. Shoulda taken it, too. I wound up hunting one two years later, when I couldn’t live with Heen no more, and paying for it, too. Pretty cheap, but some rent is more than no rent, OK?

Anyhow, I join the Couturier’s Guild here, and it’s all fine enough. I do end up working as an inferior master in Dorquindale’s shop, but he’s paying me a master’s wages and giving me a master’s priveleges, and when I have enough money he does help me set up my own shop. Bah, making silly finery for tourists, and night-things for people who think they’re sexier than they are, but that’s what happens in Kismirth.

We acquired about ten or eleven percent of the population of the Cities of the Trough before they realized what was going on.

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