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Questions from Gavin

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Does Vae still have any Primes or Monsters imprisoned in zir lair anywhere? Perhaps in mutocced into items? Could you go check? What happened to the ones zie did have?

She does. These currently include:

  1. Tusla Thorn, a mara eleni, who is imprisoned in a very large flowerpot in Vae’s apartment in Kismirth. Vae says that it is not safe for Tusla to go home. Tusla insists that he(?) can take care of himself. I completely agree with Vae on this point. Tusla’s home is near a Rassimel monastery, and Tusla not only forced mental contact with several of the monks, but attempted to manipulate them in highly undignified ways, such as blackmailing them through their religious and amorous infidelities. His excuse: he was bored. I’m not sure we want Tusla around Kismirth, with that sort of attitude, but Vae says that she is keeping him on a tight leash.
  2. Burnaby Krosper, a Rassimel monk from the same monastery, who unwisely attempted to steal from Vae’s home, and used advanced martial arts to damage Feralan and hCevian (who were there on an errand), and is spending a seven-year term of imprisonment as a mallard duck.
  3. Spledny Crack, an Orren, who is an indentured servant to Vae. I didn’t ask the details of how he came to be indentured, but he wanted to be in Vheshrame Mene but not in Vheshrame, so there is probably a story there.

In any case, Vae is being fairly mild, for Vae.

Oh! Have you all ever found a sentient nonprime that didn’t have a built-in ‘gotcha!’ sort of ‘challenge’ for Prime civilizations?

Not one from the World Tree.

Have you — or the city — learned anything unexpected in living and coexisting with Mherobump and Taptet and such?

Taptet are rather more suicidal than I had expected. They can do it aggressively: e.g., more than one taptet has threatened to kill themself on my parlor floor if things didn’t go their way, and one actually did so.

Did that earlier hypothesis of mine that ‘Taptet were made as puzzle monsters and competent insurgents, where the solution of the puzzle is to treat them with dignity and not exploit them’ ever start to bear fruit? Is it a widely-held view?

No, and no.

And how do you all manage monsters which aren’t generally of the ‘allowed in’ varieties which want to join the city? Have any stories regarding that sort of thing? After all, sentient individuals can overcome social and biological issues, or at least compensate for them and be civilized.

We keep them out, of course. The safety of what is by now a great many people, prime and nonprime, is more important than the (widely rejected) philosophical principle you propound. In any case, Kismirth is more inclusive of monsters than any prime city I know of; you cannot expect us to do everything imaginable all at once. Or perhaps you can, but you are quite insane.

That’s part of being sapient and sentient — being able to make a choice…

Being an uncreated or naturally-evolved kind of being, perhaps. We do not enjoy such a universal luxury ourselves.

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