Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Has Here ever complained about the inadvertent contamination of one of its angels?

Not to me, and not to hCevian.

What came of Feralan? Quendry?

Feralan is my talented but shy apprentice still. At some point I am going to
insist that he stop doing that. He will probably ask to be my talented but shy
assistant after that.

Is Grinwipey still working as your embroiderer at times?

No. He runs a casino, badly. This is a complete waste of his talents, but he
insists it is more dignified. We get together for sewing and swearing once
in a while.

A long time back, a sleeth who was hired as a thief was involved in removing a tail from Quendry’s father along with a Quendry. I missed seeing that sleeth in the accounts of your vacation though I suspect his presence would have increased the doom to levels beyond what you already had. Do you know what’s become of him?

I do not.

What is your prognostication regarding the Vepri idiocy?

See the next (and final) story of this cycle.

Has the doomsome offspring of your embassy and his wife for the duration completed its hatching, and if so, what kind of monster has it become? Does it take more after father, mother, or sheer chaos?

Oh, no. It has decades more to go.

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