Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Vae; Windigar

Mirrored from Sythyry.

What happened to Vae, and to that doomful artifact you were working on to break her spells? Or for that matter, to Windigar the sky-pilot and suspected reincarnation of Floosh?

Vae has two apartments in the monster district. One is quite ordinary. The other is decorated entirely with scenes and broadsheet reports of Vae being defeated, Vae behaving monstrously, Vae learning to cook omelettes from Arfaen, Vae being driven off by Oixe (after their egg was laid — they are still a couple, though they have not seen each other for years and will not for decades), and other such things. I’m not sure about how the omelettes fit in, and Vae cannot explain. I suspect it has something to do with being an egg-layer who also eats eggs.

The artifact is going quite badly. Every time I go to work on it, something quite exciting happens in the general vicinity which requires my attention. It never quite seems worth it to, say, let five people die so that I can get another one of the four weeks’ work the artifact requires. I am not much pleased with Gnarn on this topic. The less personal attention I get from gods, the better.

Windigar ran the first skyboat line to Kismirth for a while. He strategically lost that business to his main rivals, and miserably let them buy his routes, his long-distance skyboats, and the like. Then he started another one, of skyboat tours around Kismirth, aerial acrobatics, sky-writing, aerial hunting trips, and other such tourist attractions. So, when our opening of many long-range teleport gates pretty much ruined the skyboat traffic to Kismirth and greatly increased the tourism, his business grew considerably, and now many of those rivals are working for him. He has a same-species wife, a same-species husband, and two same-species children. I still don’t know if he’s Floosh reincarnated or not; he’s certainly got a lot of her style.

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