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Do you think you will regret not having a child, given your particular lifestyle, and enjoying the things that Zi-Ri parents typically do with their children?

I am afraid that a summary of basic Zi Ri anatomy and lifecycle is required here.

  • Zi Ri live a very very long time. Having a child at my age would be considered silly and inappropriate. [Loosely like Malia Obama, currently about 14 years old, choosing to get pregnant. -bb] Even Saza, several hundred years my senior, is simply of an appropriate age to have a child.
  • Reproduction and reproductive activities are not recreational. They are very very painful. Given that we live a long time and rarely need replacement, our creator god did not want to encourage us to have lots of children.
  • Conversely, body-play is entirely different from reproduction. If I wanted a child and was monogamously attached to a prime of another species — and didn’t want to wait a few decades until that attachment was over the sad way — having a child with another Zi Ri could not be considered a violation of even the strictest monogamy vows.
  • A substantial number of traff-folk have children. My wife Arfaen has a son, Quendry, from her time in a cis-specific marriage. Other traff families, having avoided the trap of prior woeful marriage, choose to get assistance from a same-species opposite-sex friend or professional. What we traff-folk do not do, which same-species cross-gender marriages occasionally do, is to accidentally have children. (Yes, yes, there are exceptions, but never mind that.)

In any case, I don’t want to think about children for another century or two at least. I happen to know Saza’s opinion of the matter as well: zie is not eager for children either, nor does zie consider zirself capable of being an adequate parent. Few Zi Ri would disagree.

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