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[8 Trandary 4261]

Dustweed is in zir sorrows. Tethezai is in her furies. Professor Poenisa has removed Dustweed from her class in Important Personages at Court in the third sessions. From what I hear the conversation was something like this:

Prof. Poenisa:"... A duel-war with the Archrathmy of Psent caused by this slight would be of interest to even those students who will never themselves be at court." [She stares straight at Dustweed.]

Claryelle:[Not quite fully spoken]"I can't think who that might refer to."

Prof. Poenisa:[sharply]"None of that, Claryelle. This is a classroom. In here we speak directly."

Esory:"As you were?"

Claryelle:"Oh, very well. Further discussion is unnecessary in any case; I can't imagine that the Duke would welcome a both-female with a Rassimel lover."

Esory and Yarwain expressed various forms of defense of Dustweed. It was mentioned that Claryelle showed a particular dislike of zir.

Claryelle:"Nonsense. I'm sure the Duke's good judgement would fall equally upon all both-females with Rassimel lovers in Vheshrame Mene."

Prof. Poenisa:"That's quite enough, Esory, Yarwain."

It should be noted that Dustweed said not a single word. Nonetheless, after class, Prof. Poenisa called zir aside and told zir that such outbursts were unacceptable, and zie should find instruction elsewhere. Perhaps classes taught by Rassimel would be more congenial to her.

It doens't help one bit that Prof. Poenisa is generally right. Dustweed does bring discord with zir, just as a quill-devil brings fire. By zirself zie causes only a little; but when zie is devastated there is a great deal.

Also, of course, Dustweed is not acceptable to any decent Herethroy. Zie has generally taken classes from other species, and has generally preferred less contentious classes -- zir favorite Aquador classes are as sleepy as their shrubbery of a god. In a class about the court, I suppose one must expect cruel comments, factions, banishments, and all the other things that my half-sibling seems to enjoy.

Still ... I do not think Tethezai's angry burblings and occasional eruptions were particularly good for Dustweed. I forcibly abducted both of them, acquired Thery and Yarwain, and brought them to Cafe du Fronde for an early dinner of comfortable porridge and discussions of formal magic.

(I would have abducted a Herethroy or two, except that, imprimus, I cannot think of a suitable one, and, secundus, I don't seem to have any particularly good Herethroy friends in Vheshrame but Dustweed. Which is doubtless zir fault.)

In any case, we ate porridge, and got Dustweed and Tethezai talking about possibilities of making sculptures of animated water together -- and no, that's not a euphimism for anything, they were discussing spell complexities and enchantment qualities. And I made sure we all left before the actual start of the dining hour, which was sure to bring more Herethroy.

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