Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Angry Goddess

Mirrored from Sythyry.

“Well, speak to me of the offenses you consider us to have committed against you. We shall call forth one of the excellent mediators of Kismirth, who are renowned to the tips of the world-branches for their fairness and their insight, and we shall have them practice their art. The solution shall surely satisfy you,” I rather babbled. I’m not actually much of one for the revenge of gods.

Her cat was just a cat. I checked.

“What?” she grunted.

“Mediator. Will suggest revenge and work out details,” I explained.

“I do not want this ‘mediator’,” she said with considerable disgust. “I want revenge.”

“I don’t suppose I can stop you,” I said. “Still, you should consider a mediator. With a mediator you can get a revenge that will thoroughly and precisely satisfy you. Without one, you are liable to come up with one which makes you unhappy later on.”

She frowned her crystal lips. “You are babbling — what is this that you are babbling?”

The cat, which was just a cat — I had checked — reached up and swatted her in the face. Its copper claws scored the immortal invulnerable stone of her cheek, and the winds whistled out, blowing gusts of iron filings. She rubbed her cheek in irritation, and the wound abated.

She turned upon the cat — just a cat! I checked! and I’m good at detecting magic! — and snatched it off her shoulder. She shook it thrice, and twisted its head off, and tossed the head into one corner and the body into the other.

It is rarely, if ever, a good sign when a goddess is angry enough to kill her pet cat. It is, if anything, an even worse sign if you have somehow annoyed her enough to cause her to kill her pet cat.

It would have been an excellent time to run away. Except that flight from Thefefy is approximately impossible; when she runs, each step covers much more distance than the previous one, and eventually she will catch you. I was hoping against hope she’d be satisfied twisting my head off a few times but leaving me alive afterwards, and take just her chalices back.

All things burst into flame.

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