Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Vepri Strike Back

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Verhump stepped back to the podium. “I would like to thank this sclud wizard Sythyry. Zie has pointed out quite clearly why every serious Vepri should read volume two of Fixing the Future, not just the introduction to volume one and a few popular pamphlets.

She opened a copy of volume two to a page she knew well. “In section 2.8c of volume 2, we explain some important details that are often omitted in popular renditions of our work. We use ‘generation’ as a shorthand, a mere approximation of the longer and more precise but less mellifluous phrase ‘effective generation of origination’. Both the chair and the Vepri tests indicate, in fact, a perfect measure of spiritual development, or, if you prefer spiritual degredation — when they are applied to cooperating subjects.

“Note that last phrase — ‘cooperating subjects’. We do have tests that can accomodate lies, using imperfect information and behavioral observations to detect spiritual development. But these were not the tests applied in this case! We used precise tests, suitable only for use with truthful subjects! These subjects lied — they even lied about their species! Their evidence should be no more acceptable than the spewings of any other liars! No wonder the test results were wrong!

“Furthermore! It is clear that both Sythyry and Sazandigraa are exemplars of a terrible state of spiritual development! They reveal all the flaws of the sclud! Their effective generation of origination is the current generation — they are as glate as it is possible to be! For most species, when one says ‘third generation’, one means the generation born late in the first century. Not so for Zi Ri! These Zi Ri, hatched recently, must be considered to be of a generation suitable to the year of their hatching.

“They are hardly the optimes of the third generation that they present themselves as! They are scluds through and through. Their actions prove it! Sythyry is the leader of a vast shitfest of perverts! Sazandigraa is a dealer in wicked mind-magics!

“So, when in their scludditude they come here and spew forth lies and stupidities, I bid you — read section 2.8c of volume 2, and learn to wave away the thin but stinking miasma of their words with the truth!”

The legeriators and functionaries fulsomely applauded her. There didn’t seem to be much point to staying around and, say, arguing that the Chair didn’t do anything like what she said it did. Probably section 3.9sh would explain that away too.

“Saza? Should we explain to her that she’s put you in a generation a thousand years after you were born?”

“Sythyry, you can’t seriously imagine that they care what we say, can you? This isn’t about a scientific theory, and never was. It’s just about putting a modern mask on a power grab,” zie said.

“I suppose we had to give them a chance to be honest but wrong,” I said.

“Shall perhaps we leave before the lynching starts and the massacre becomes necessary?” said Yylhauntra, rather louder than was necessary.

So we left in a loud crash of Locador.

The Aftermath

“Well, that was useless,” I complained.

“Silly little optimist!” said Saza. “Expecting a bit of truth to swish away such a cloud of privelege and pomposity. We’ll just have to take a bit more active an approach, that’s all.”

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