Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Assault on Verhump: 9 Thory 4402

Mirrored from Sythyry.

One Zi Ri arrived at the gate of Draffmoug with zir entourage. The Zi Ri was Yylhauntra. Now there’s a name to conjure with, to entwine historians and philosophers and idealistic revolutionaries and prime supremicists. Yylhauntra, the Zi Ri with malachite-striped scales, as bright-eyed and eager as zie was the instant that the peculiar appendage of Hren Tzen created zir back at the beginning. I will give the Vepri this: the surviving first-generation primes are indeed imposing.

I won’t give them the following: the reincarnations of the no-longer-surviving first generation primes are not even known, according to modern theology and magic. Nor, I suspect, do they shine with forty-four centuries of experience and passion.

Yylhauntra announced zirself to the guards at the gate of Draffmoug. In due course a lacquered carriage came from the mansion of Verhump, drawn by four matched white stallions whose toeclaws scuffed the boardwalks. “Verhump is officially a simple philosopher and occasional guest-lecturer,” remarked Yylhauntra to zir unremarkable companions, “but her equippage could not be more honeyed if she were an empress.”

The coachman called back, “Good Zi Ri, O optime, please to note. Verhump is in fact the reincarnation of Wilsamander, of the first-created Rassimel. She is older than even you. What we give her is her due, and barely so!”

“Oh, Wilsamander of the first Rassimel! It has been a while since I saw him last. Perhaps because he had such poor tactics in the first war against the cyarr. Far be it from me to forbid you to honor him, or, as he now seems to style himself, her,” said Yylhauntra.

(But the Cani man called Rainboat whispered, “Was Wilsamander even in the cyarr wars?” To which Yylhauntra whispered back, “no.”)

Confronting Verhump

Verhump has been installed in the left wing of the Ducal Palace of Draffmoug. I rather have the impression that the Duke himself is stuffed in a closet in the smaller and shabbier right wing. In any case, the Duke was nowhere to be seen. Verhump, a shit-brown Rassimel in a robe of rubies, was awaiting Yylhauntra in a small throne room where a parlor would do.

“Yylhauntra! It gives me the greatest pleasure to welcome one of the first generation Zi Ri to Draffmoug!” proclaimed Verhump.

Yylhauntra can, when zie wants, perform a courtly curtsey as devastating as a whirlwind of scissors. “Professor Verhump! I am glad to be here, for quite serious reasons!”

“Your petition for an audience did suggest that there were deep matters which none better than I could assist with,” said Verhump. “Of course, the full powers of Draffmoug may be placed at your disposal, if it is as serious a matter as all that!”

“I shan’t be needing the full powers of Draffmoug. I shall be needing two or three hours of your time. Some might find it self-serving of me to start a Vepri movement in Inihithre,” said Yylhauntra. Verhump’s eyes widened; she had not expanded the Vepri past the cities of the trough, and here was Yylhauntra casually discussing starting a branch in one of the greatest cities of the world! “There is no question about what generation I am, after all. Whoever else may benefit and whoever may not, it is surely in my interests. So I wish to be certain about matters before I begin.”

“Of course! I have rooms and rooms of evidence, of case histories, of historical and philosophical discourses, of theoretical analyses!” said Verhump.

“In fact, I wish to conduct an experiment of my own. I have with me two companions, whose history and morals in this life are thoroughly known and established and known to me. I wish for their generation of creation to be computed by your tools and methods. If you proclaim them glates, when in fact they behave like optimes, I shall not be well-pleased! But if you proclaim them glates and calculate properly their glatish behavior, my course is clear!”

Verhump looked just a touch nervous. “My most able assistants shall be put at your disposal, with careful instructions…”

Yylhauntra frowned, the devastating sort of little frown that suggested that zie was on the verge of ranking your recent suggestion as the stupidest one that zie had heard in the last fifteen or sixteen centuries. “Are you personally unavailable? This is a matter of personal importance to me, that Vepri methods can pick out which one of my companions is the glate.”

Verhump rose from her not-quite-throne and curtsied. “I shall be glad to assist you!” She clearly thought to herself, One more slip like that and it shall be child’s play to ensure the proper answer!

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