Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Philosophical Assault on the Vepri, part 1

Mirrored from Sythyry.

From:Sythyry, Kismirth, 14 Hispis 4402
To: Yylhauntra, Inihithre

Dear grandparent,

Perhaps you are unaware of the uses that your honorable and long-historied name and early stories are being put to. The Cities of the Trough are getting overrun by the so-called Verified Primordeals, or Vepri. One Verhump, drawing heavily on the philosphy of Doggerly and nearly as heavily upon your own memoirs of the first days, is coming up with some persuasive nonsense about how early-generation primes are inherently superior to late-generation ones, and, therefore, society should be ordered by one’s generation of origin. Which they claim to be able to calculate based on various behaviors.

I do not dispute the brilliance of the first generation! Your heroics and glories are well-established! But later generations can do nearly as well: even current generations.

For example, you made somewhat of a point that none of the first-generation primes were transaffectionate, that all of them were intimate with only their own species. This has been interpreted by this Verhump as meaning that transaffection is a sign of being of late generation of first birth. (I thank you for telling me that third-generation primes were occasionally transaffectionate, which the Vepri say is impossible. I rather wish you would publish that fact more broadly.)

Yes, transaffection is my personal hobby-horse (and it gives the best rides!). But the Vepri are quite serious about the matter — of generation, not of transaffection. They have been brutal about depriving late-generation people, whom they call “glates” or “sclud”, of their rights, and of their intact bones and unburnt houses and such as well.

A fair number of such people have moved to Kismirth. I certainly appreciate the influx of skilled, congenial, and appreciative immigrants. But I’d rather be attracting them for Kismirth’s own sake, than having them whipped out of their home cities by some vile philosophy.

So I was wondering…

One doesn’t often get interrupted when one is writing a letter. I didn’t this time, but the reply came so fast — the next morning — that I might as well have been interrupted.

From: Yylhauntra, Inihithre, 14 Hispis 4402
To:Sythyry, Kismirth

Dear grandchildren (for I know that Sazandigraa is more likely than not to be found in Kismirth, hoping against hope to get a few scraps of Sythyry’s attention)

I have looked into the Vepri movement. I went so far as to read the whole of Doggerly’s The Cancerous Degeneration some decades ago. A monstrous pile of uncleaned guntry intestines! For my opinion, one generation seems much like another in terms of morality, art, greatness, intellect, or what have you. There may be minor differences here and there, but the trend of prime civilization is upward! Outward! Downward to the hypothetical roots of the World Tree! Crossward to the reaches of wisdom and magic! Bestward, ever bestward!

But I know adventurers such as yourselves! What subtle plan do you have that requires my help? And my own weak assistance, as opposed to the mighty wizardries of your more renowned grandparent Glikkonen? Where shall we meet? What tools and equipments shall I bring? How long will it take? How much will it cost?

Oh, and please forgive me, once again, for siccing that nendrai on you. My intentions were rather the opposite.

Your loving grandparent,

“Well, that was easy,” I said to Saza.

“Yylhauntra has always been rather the philosophical warrior. Zie has principles! In many ways they are unpleasant principles. I do believe zie’d be happy to kill every nonprime person on the Tree, starting with your friend Vae that zie supposedly sicced on you. But this is a matter of primes, and we should be able to work with zir,” said Saza.

I caught zir by the wing and dragged zir into the fireplace for activities which need not be described to anyone who does not happily lounge and squirm around in fireplaces.

Afterwards, zie bonked me with a wingtip. “Not that I am complaining in the least, but how much of that was genuine Sythyry interest? I ask because you are not so physical with me every year, and I don’t think you’ve ever been so direct with an expression of interest.”

I enslithered Saza by way of answer, and did my best to distract zir. The answer to zir question was, yes, about 1/9 actual interest and 8/9 guilt for avoiding the matter so much that Yylhauntra had to prod me about it.

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