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[7 Trandary 2461]

Riding with Princes, or, Jealousy

Seeks-Wild-Rushes Strenata is off riding with Crown Prince Nestrune this evening. The same infamous Crown Prince Nestrune who at one time was known to, himself, seek another Orren. Of the same sex and to some degree the same incendiary manner as Strenata. I cannot say that this pleases me greatly. Neither can I say anything of any use concerning it, wherefore I shall write of other things.

Jarmiet Cleans, or, Jealousy

Jarmiet started working this afternoon, getting a month's wages in advance, and a letter the Official of Disbursements that she is entitled to collect a month's wages each month on the first day until I tell them otherwise. The mathematically-inclined monster will note that this would seem to overpay her by two-thirds of a week, viz. for the time between the first of Trandary and today.

This is in no wise the case. Her usual duties should take some two to four hours. She has already been here for six, and with a younger brother as well. She has scrubbed moss off the underside of the half-barrel -- and rasped off the lichen that was underneath the moss, for we are not the first collection of students who have dwelled in this place. She has brushed crumbs from the top of the cabinet in the kitchen, from where some unnamed person has been known to take zir sandwiches now and then when larger and less agile people have occupied the entire table and, indeed, all safe horizontal surfaces below the level of the tips of their antennae. She has removed dust from the underside of the staircase; she has brushed spiderwebs from the balcony; she has undertaken to dust the folding grate which separates Dubaille's bed from Havune's, and that is a thing which even Havune never thought to do. So I judged that she had earned her extra six days' wages, and more.

(The "and more" is to be understood concretely. We also arranged that she not cook lunch at all today. Havune caused to be brought to us boxes of salad, fruits stuffed with forcemeat, biscuits, and ham dumplings, for students and servants alike.)

I do not understand how it is that Jarmiet can clean all day and remain cheerful.

At the moment, I do not understand how anyone can do anything and remain cheerful. Nor what one should do when one's current subject of infatuation is off riding with a crown prince of a not inconsiderable city-state.

Heroic Drawings, or, Jealousy

Still, trying to give her a bit of jealousy of her own seemed entirely reasonable and justified. In Formal Enchantments, Esory arranged that I stand valiantly on my desk, breaking the pose only now and then to take notes. Tethezai told her about how I fought off the hordes of ice-hedgehogs in Ghaln-Yastrou Park on First Day, and Esory has decided that the scene would make a suitable subject for a first-month project in the Heroic Drawing class they share.

(Note the first: I do not know for a fact that it is a Heroic Drawing class. It might be a Drawing of Subjects Wearing Ribbons clss. Or a Class in the Drawing of Musing Nobles. Or a Class in the Drawing of People Sitting on Poles, and Esory is trying to annoy the teacher by having a subject without a pained expression on zir face.)

(Note the second: So far as I know, Strenata will have less cause for jealousy than I do. Tethezai and Esory are, evidently, confidantes; while Esory has never shown anything but sympathy for Tethezai's polyspecific romances, Esory has never been known to make such indulgences herself. Nor, so far as Tethezai is aware, any great degree of homospecific romances either.)

(Note the second-and-a-third: Yes, I did ask Tethezai, but only by way of a general inquiry into Esory's character.)

Cyarr Wars, or, Jealousy

The Green Tile Classroom is one of my favorites, being calm and peaceful and very very wealthy. Prof. Syyllia, unlike Prof. Koimarth, does not want me to sit on the rafters; she would rather be able to look over her students with a single second's glance than require a second-and-a-third's.

Because of the necessity of her telling me this, she chose to talk about the cyarr invasion of Choinxeia in 3350-3351. This is of course directed at me, because Glikkonen took the lead in killing the cyarr armies at Caernizan as many wizards followed -- and zie took the lead in declaring the problem effectively finished when the surviving cyarr were compelled to load the rotting corpses of their conspecifics and allies onto their sky-barges and take them home. In which decision Glikkonen was proved foolish in the end -- Prof Syyllia took careful pains to make sure I was aware of this, as she saved her third of a second by looking horizontally to where I sat between Thelvion and Claryelle -- when cyarr raiders, handily able to return to Choinxeia in the skyships that Glikkonen had not destroyed, killed a dozen times as many primes as the invasion itself, over the next centuries.

[OOC: That's straight from the World Tree sourcebook, which, as a quick inspection of copyright dates will show, may be taken as prophetic if you insist, but may not be taken as a commentary on the events of 2003. --bb]

Well, and I suppose it does fit the topic of Discussion of Monsters well enough -- it is, after all, one of the few times that cyarr have managed to destroy established Ketherian cities.

Three of them! I know of buried Drchmaer of course; my famous grandparent being the primary current resident. And everyone knows what happened to Twantolo. But I didn't know that the cyarr got a third city, Ob Chahar, by a less famous treason. But that treason was by Khtsoyis, from whom you might as well expect treason.

Rheshthraham Maney the Doorwayer of Twantolo is a famous villain of legend and story. His motives are always made out to be the worst -- a greed for amber or enchantments or power, just as for the Khtsoyis who betrayed Ob Chahar. In this the storytellers are supported by the confession that Rheshthraham made over the course of his slow nineteenfold execution. But according to his surviving compatriots (who are not claimed to give a correct account, merely a divergent one), the actual motivation was jealousy. Rassimel ought never choose to be obsessed with another person, or, if they are so unwise as to do so, not with a person other than another Rassimel who is equally obsessed with them.

In which advice I refer specifically to Crown Prince Nestrune Kreslink, just as much as Rheshthraham Maney.

Not that I know he is obsessed with anyone or anything beyond his own rank.

What does she see in him? She despises nobility, especially hereditary nobility.

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