Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Aftermath

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Afterwards, Simmerene lay with her muzzle between Folded’s breasts, exhausted. Folded petted her ears. “If this is what body-play with a Cani is like, I wonder that Cani do anything else!”

“Well, I was pretty inspired. I’ve never been like that before. You two are beautiful and glorious to me. You’ve got just what I like best, and lots of it,” said Simmerene.

Octagons spread her huge ears. “I’m glad you enjoyed it! But what does beauty have to do with body-play?”

“Don’t you find yourself extra-excited when you’re with someone beautiful?” asked Simmerene.

The two Elfimel blinked at each other. Octagons turned back to Simmerene. “I’ve played that game a million times, give or take, but this is only the fifth time with someone who didn’t look just like me and like everyone else I knew.”

“Except Thefefy,” added Folded. “She didn’t look quite like the rest of us.”

“I never pleasured with Thefefy,” said Octagons. “Not after the first thousand cycles or so, anyhow.”

Simmerene petted one of her favorite parts of Octagons. “Who is Thefefy? I thought you said nobody had names in Heaven?”

“Oh, Thefefy wasn’t a somebody like the rest of us. She’s the goddess of Heaven,” said Folded. Simmerene looked baffled, so Folded continued, “You’ve got a lot of gods. We only ever had four, counting Mircannis the creator, and Thefefy was the only one who stayed for long.” She tapped Octagons on the muzzle. “You — how is it you never pleasured with Thefefy?”

Octagons giggled and flapped her huge ears. “You can call me by name here! Thefefy isn’t listening. Anyways, I didn’t like her. She kept us trapped in Heaven, and wouldn’t let us change anything or have names. Mircannis made Heaven the way Mircannis wanted it, said Thefefy, and even if Mircannis wasn’t there anymore she, Thefefy, would keep it just so.”

“Why did Mircannis leave?” asked Simmerene.

“Heaven was pretty boring, even for the gods who made it. We think her other projects, like the World Tree, were much more interesting,” said Octagons. “I think so to! I like it here much more!”

“I don’t,” said Folded. “It’s too much for me. All the people! And if I annoy someone, they’ll remember it for always and hold it against me! And it’s all about who is prime and who isn’t — and I’m not!”

“But you can make friends here!” said Octagons.

“You couldn’t in Heaven?” asked Simmerene, a bit lost in the conversation.

“Well, you never were sure that you were talking to the same person. We all liked each other most of the time, and we didn’t usually have much of consequence to talk about. But every once in a while … Well, once someone said she’d meet me by the eighth silver pyramid for a game right away, but she wanted a drink of water on the way. She didn’t know I could watch her from the pyramid, and see that she didn’t get a drink, she just went over and lay on the side of the fourteenth pyramid for a nap, and leave me alone. You could break any date or appointment you wanted, and usually nobody could tell it was you who did it. This time I was watching and I knew it was her. I ran down and bit her in the leg! Then I made a point of being as bad to her as I could, until the bite-marks healed. Like we’d be pleasuring, and I’d stuff a spiky fruit in, and run away while she was trying to get it out.”

“She was a friend?” asked Simmerene, baffled.

“No! She was the closest relationship I had with anyone for a hundred thousand cycles. Then Namie gave us names, and we used them for a little while in public, and I actually made friends with Folded and a few others. Then Thefefy made us stop using names. Most of the Elfimel did stop. A few of us kept meeting in secret and letting each other know who we were — Folded would bring along a folded leaf, and I’d have a few octagonal berries,” said Octagons.

“We’re still friends! The only reason I’m not back in Heaven now is, I’d miss Octagons too much,” said Folded. “And I don’t trust the demon to get me back, of course.”

A third Elfimel stomped out from behind the peach curtains. “You are an inconstant one, Folded!”

“Hallo, Namie,” said Folded.

“You should not go back to Heaven! You must stay here and help me kill Mircannis!” said Namie.

Simmerene, overwhelmed with the monstrousness of the situation, fled.

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