Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Naming of Gates

Mirrored from Sythyry.


Phaniet picked me up by both wings, and all but threw me into the fireplace. “OK, lizard. What’s this I hear about calling it the ‘Talujjan Gate’?”

I picked myself up with all available dignity, and sat on a comfortably burning log of arken-wood. “Talujjan offered to waive his fee in exchange for giving it that name. It seemed like an excellent deal.”

Phaniet frowned. “Where, precisely, was he when he made this offer?”

“We were having a private discussion,” I said. I never lie to Phaniet.

“A detailed discussion?” she asked.

“Rather detailed,” I admitted.

“And where precisely was your tail, in this detailed discussion?” she asked.

“… out of the way,” I had to admit.

“So our glory-seeking Orren wizard seduced you and got you to give him the biggest dose of glory? Sythyry, some days you’re simply made of soft taffy. Anyone can twist you around their finger without half trying,” said Phaniet.

I sputtered, “That’s not true!”

“Right, it’s not true. That wasn’t a finger he was twisting you around,” said Phaniet.

I bravely and diligently attempted to bury myself in ashes, because that was true. “But the other long-range gate will be the Feralan Gate.”

“Not the Disastro Gate? … I do see your point there,” said Phaniet. We hadn’t been able to persuade Feralan to change his all-too-appropriate last name. “So you’re putting your new Orren playmate in parallel with your apprentice. Let it never be said that you lack the traditional Zi Ri powers of perplexion!”

“Well, Talujjan wants it, and without them we wouldn’t be able to do it. And having a famous and powerful artifact named after him will surely help Feralan’s reputation,” I said.

“That’s not all Talujjan wants … And hopefully the famous and powerful artifact will inspire a good reputation. I still don’t trust it not to rip a hole in the universe or some other such treat.” (We have had this discussion several times. There’s no good reason to fear that, unless we and all the spare wizards and scholars who checked our work missed something huge. (Well, I admit that I too am afraid of it — not for any good reason — but because the tradition of space magics going wrong is very traditional, and very well established in history and fiction.))

Phaniet frowned. “And the other gates?”

“Every one of us who wants, gets a shorter-range gate named after them. We’ve got more gates than people on the project. I don’t have plans for the rest.”

I did not mention asking my offworld friends for names. She might not approve.

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