Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Further OOC dorfiness

Additional species not previously understood, and were therefore omitted out of doofiness, but are now included out of even more doofiness:

  1. angel
  2. gremlin
  3. perch
  4. whale n
  5. owl awelkin
  6. whelk awelkin
  7. jellyfish aynjel, rigelkitty
  8. beet beetiger
  9. ant calanthe, secanth
  10. tit cattitude
  11. hippotamus chipotle
  12. cow cowboy_r
  13. generic bird daveqat, magickalslave, shockwave77598,wave_cannon and probably others
  14. lemon elemenopy_qurs
  15. dingo explodingcat
  16. fairy fayfox
  17. ox foxiecrumz
  18. ogre koogrr
  19. bee lapis_lazuli
  20. rose lederhosen
  21. sage lisajulie
  22. serval [Bad username: midnightserval/> (duh)</li> <li>ferret <lj user=]
  23. gnome nynomi
  24. ape papersky
  25. tick poeticdragon
  26. wren qeveren
  27. Swiss chard richardmars
  28. rat stolenmilkcrate
  29. kite whitekitten

Anyone who says I'm reaching is welcome to reach with me. I'm sure there are others. Apologies to anyone whose userid was manipulated in improper ways.

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