Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Do You Like Being A Herethroy?

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Stormydragon asks: Do [Herethroy] like [being Herethroy], or are they just resigned to it?

Let’s ask them!

What, all of them?

Yes! Let’s ask all of them!

  1. Hops and 48%: I don’t think about it very often. Why would I? It’s not as if I could be anything else very easily. It has its good points and its bad points, more good than bad I guess.
  2. Greenstripe and 43%: I am very glad to be a Herethroy. Other prime species are so low on limbs, it’s just pitiful! I rejoice in my smooth carapace, tough and protective yet light and sensitive, so easy to adorn with gems and metal inlay. I rejoice in my swift and graceful body, my highly expressive antennae, my exceedingly-useful Creoc knack! I love being, I love being, I love being a beetle!
  3. Coriander and 15%: I am not fond of being an impoverished peasant. This doesn’t so much have to do with being a Herethroy.
  4. Fennel and 15%, mostly male: I am glad to be a Herethroy man (or an attractive co-lover). Aside from having a very nice body, I have a dessert of extra status over other Herethroy — and that means, all the sex I want, and girls and cosis competing for my attention, and generally lots of treats.
  5. Chickory and 10%, mostly female: This concept of “too many women” is awful. I’m never going to manage to get married, and probably never even going to lose my 3-virginity (even if I somehow manage to make it with one other Herethroy). It’s not so much having a Herethroy body that’s so bad, it’s the general Herethroy social structure.
  6. Casamint and 8%: The problem isn’t so much being Herethroy, about which I have no complaints. It is about rustication. I don’t want to live in a sleepy socialist Herethroy village. I want to live in a big, bright, exciting city! This is not always easy to do if one wishes have a reasonable Herethroy life, e.g., getting married.
  7. Marjoram and maybe 1%: Real strong, four arms, built-in armor. Why would a tough adventurer want to be anything else?
  8. Mynthë and a tiny fraction of 1%: I hated being Herethroy! I hated it more than anything else in the world, save one thing, and that one thing was Sythyry putting words in my mouth — especially after I died and had no useful way of objecting any-the-more. So zie’d better stop it.
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