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Hiring a Maid [5 Trandary 4261]

Havune and I looked around, asked around.

Darkwad is a Rassimel man, about the same age as me. He has recently come to Vheshrame, and is trying to find a job. He has no great degree of experience. He is an excellent cook -- we invited him to cook lunch for us and eat it with us, and he looks like he knows which end of a knife is which. As for cleaning: he can put things on shelves; he can sweep floors; he can wash dishes; he can hoist a basket of clothes to a washer's. These are not things demanding great skill. He seems quite eager -- I gather he has not been eating as well as he might like, since he got to town.

Jarmiet is a Cani woman, perhaps my own age or perhaps a bit more. She is the maid of our Evil Neighbors, and until First Day or so she was the maid of a count's daughter of Psent who got nervous about something and zoomed home to Psent at the end of last semester. Jarmiet cooks poorly by Ghirbis' standards, which is to say, Jarmiet generally avoids mice and arhoolie leaves. Havune tasted her pocker soup, and declares it ordinary and acceptable. Havune also inspected a just-tidied room in Ghirbis' apartment, and declared that ordinary and acceptable too. Floosh knows her and gives her a good name.

Tsevehandra is a Rassimel woman, some sixty or seventy [World Tree] years old. She cleans for a building of Orren mostly down the street. She is looking around for more reliable clients -- specifically, she wants to drop one set of clients and find a better one. She would not let us see her current clients, for that would be telling them. (I snuck over and glanced in windows under the cover of night. They looked acceptable.) She has been tending student apartments for forty years or so. She has no visible enthusiasm. Floosh knows her and gives her a good name, too.

So, we have two questions now:

  1. Who is allowed to vote on this? Just me, since I am paying? Havune and Dustweed? Tethezai, who does not actually live here? Dubaille, who is actually living here but the rest of us dislike?
  2. And then, which one should we choose?

Who would you let vote?

Havune + Dustweed

And who should we hire?



Strenata and I were to go for a stroll in Ghaln-Yastrou Park this evening, the hour before sunout. I thought we had agreed to meet at my home, since it is, after all, between hers and Ghaln-Yastrou Park. I was ready -- I swear it! Half an hour after that time, Strenata was nowhere near me.

Perhaps, I thought, she had thought we were to meet at her home? I flew as fast as I could, up and over, and scratched. Oonspath answered.

Oonspath:"Why hallo to you, Sythyry. What brings you here at this hour of the night?"

Me:"I was looking for Seeks-St.-Trebulican's-Classroom, or whatever she's called today."

Oonspath:"She went out riding with Nestrune an hour or two ago. She should be back shortly, unless, of course, she is not. Don't look so horrified, Sythyry! Anyone could be hungry after going riding, and especially if she forgot dinner beforehand."

Nestrune? Nestrune Kreslink, Crown Prince of Daukrhame? If there's anyone less suitable for Strenata than Nestrune currently attending the Academy, I cannot think of who -- he is the highest of rank of anyone I know personally, and obnoxious as well.

Well, if she uses him as a riding companion, I suppose I can hardly complain, for I cannot ride. Still, I can stroll as well as any other prime, and I do think she should have come to me for that.

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