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Sketched in Class [5 Trandary 4261]

Esory seemed thoroughly bored in Formal Enchantment today -- bored to the extent that she set a twig afire, blew it out, and was very obviously staring at me and sketching. Professor Spreen glared at her and asked her, if she is so artistic, what the most useful color for enchantments is. "Mauve. Four gods like it, and none of them particularly dislike it." she said, without even looking up. Professor Spreen bristled a bit, but just said, "Right, then." and switched topic to colors, though the syllabus says that won't be for another month.

So I felt obliged to chat with Esory afterwards. This is what she drew first, and this when I had found something else to think about, and this when I noticed Esory sketching me. We had actually met sometime last term -- I had thought she was one of Tethezai's artist friends, but sketching is only a way of annoying professors and embarrassing Zi Ri and other useful feats. Most of the time she is Esorbys ky Fiaunrhel, and learning the family trade ... which is the same as my family's trade.

Actually, it's even more of a family trade for her than it is for me. Her great-to-the-eleventh grandmother embarrassed the Locador god "Here" into giving her the recipe to enchant Insidiously Convenient Cupboards. "Here", of course, did not want to make matters that convenient, even if the convenience was insidious, and so only the descendants of Fiaunrhel are able to perform the enchantment from the recipe.

(Technical aside: It is generally acknowledged that any enchanter could, with sufficient time and attention, get good enough to perform any enchantment. However, Esory expects to have the skill to make the Cupboards within the decade. I suppose that I could arrange a teleportation cupboard in a decade or two, if I studied Mutoc and Locador a lot ... but it wouldn't be Insidious. Neither in the sense of sneaking through most barriers against teleportation, nor in the sense of being relatively safe to use near other teleport gates.)

So, Esory has probably learned this whole class already, at home, doubtless before she learned to talk. Prof. Spreen, being the merciless demon of the strictly-ruled waxboard that she is, would not let her out the class and into the next one any more than she would have let me out of it. Of course, I wouldn't have let me out of it either; all the gods could have loved pink polka dots for all I knew until this afternoon.

(Technical aside: Prof. Spreen does come into the classroom eight minutes early to take a hot glazed ceramic brick to the waxboard to smooth it off. And she does have a sort of wooden device, a rack of three boards and a comb of eight teeth, that she uses to draw parallel lines on the waxboard before she writes. I like Prof. Alzagond much better in most ways, but Prof. Alzagond never cleans the waxboard before or after class, which means that important diagrams are crunched and curled up into little corners where there's some smooth wax from the last teacher.)

OOC, Esory is the IC justification for rowyn's art showing up in-world. Insufficient apologies for the pun.

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