Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

IC -- Vote for Mayor!

Kismirth needs a mayor. That's less than a duke. (We won't have a duke at all. I'm going to have a couple of ducal powers ((1) I own the whole city (because I made it), and (2) I can veto various things), but I did such a bad job of ruling Castle Wrong and Strayway that I do not want to try to be the mayor of Kismirth.)

So, who should be our first mayor? [This person's term will have started a few years before the Feralan story. But I will use the results of this vote. -bb]

So here's what our candidates say about themselves:

  • Arfaen: I'm gentle and I can run a kitchen, even a pretty big and complicated restaurant-style kitchen. I'm a low-status Cani, so I won't be a mean and overbearing kind of mayor, but I do know how to get stuff done. Also Sythyry's my concubine, so that would concentrate the power in the city in one bedroom, which might be a good thing while we're getting started, though it might get a bit tyrannical (or maybe just ducal) if we keep it going too long.
  • Grinwipey: Wait, what? I'll be shoggled in my own butterfunk if I gotta be mayor! How c'n I get rich breaking the laws of Kismirth if I gotta do the laws of Kismirth? I ain't gonna may for you and that's a fact that you can cram in your windpipe and smoke it!
  • Inconnu: I'm fearless and dashing and glamorous -- just what Kismirth needs as a public face when we're trying to get established as a very wonderful place one must visit! And I exemplify the fun side of transaffection better than anyone!
  • Jyondre: I am perhaps the most sensible person in the core Strayway crew. I do not fear to take action, but I do not stupidly charge into action either. Yerenthax and I exemplify the devoted side of transaffection better than anyone.
  • Phaniet: I'm very organized and very good at organizing people, which is crucial for a young city. I have considerable personal power, and can get people to do what needs to be done in a number of ways. And, if we're going on the basis of transaffection, I have been Este's partner for decades; we are what any traff couple should aspire to.
  • Prince Rastomil: Well, my main qualification for being mayor is being royal. I suppose I can handle the symbolic aspects of the role adequately. But I have many other qualifications as well! I am inadequate as a degenerate and a lush, and will come to work sober more often than not. I have considerable experience at being enchanted in horrible ways and lounging around for weeks in the body of an older woman, which gives me a unique perspective which I very much hope will not be relevant for anyone in Kismirth ever again. I have failed to get married, and done so in an exceedingly dramatic way. I am not quite sure which of these is a good thing for a mayor. Still, if I am elected mayor, I daresay I will keep Kismirth in the broadsheets quite well. Occasionally, by accident, it might even turn out to be in a good way.
  • Someone New: I am not any of these people! I surely have other virtues and flaws as well!

Who should be the first mayor of Kismirth?

Prince Rastomil
Someone New
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