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“Well, have you figured out if you’re traff yet?” asked Lithia. “Now that you’ve been on a ship full of traff-folk for weeks and weeks and weeks.”

Invincible Fire Demon shook his brown head. “I did a lot of exploratory kissing and such, and I think I like Rassimel. A lot. I’m not very traff, I’m sure of that. I’ve got the most nibbly and horrible same-species crush at the moment.”

Lithia smiled. “You’re allowed to be half-traff, I say!” This is an important matter for her, as she is secretly half Rassimel. (Halfbreeds are quite rare on the World Tree, as different species are not inter-fertile without quite serious magic — but Lithia is the victim of such magic. Lithia changes from Orren to Rassimel and back every hour or so, in a crampy fit. We have placed illusion spells on her so that she can pretend to be an Orren subject to periodic crampy fits, rather than a despised halfbreed.)

“Good thing! I’d hate to do it without permission. I might get tossed off the ship! And I’m not a bit invincible, either. My parents just liked the name.”

Lithia grinned. “So who’s the lucky Orren that you are embracing?”

“Oh, nothing like that! I’m not embracing anyone!” yelped Invincible Fire Demon.

“That’s a shame. I didn’t embrace anyone for a long time, but Treacle-Eyes changed that. I must recommend embraces!” Lithia grinned a newlywed’s grin.

“Well, it’s someone … awfully inappropriate. An Orren who wouldn’t appreciate it at all,” said Invincible Fire Demon, with his tail between his legs. “And I could get into a great deal of trouble if I pressed the point on-board. I’m not going to do anything about it, on Strayway.”

Lithia thought to herself, “I am Orren as far as he knows. I am a newlywed. I am the captain’s adopted daughter. I have been the friend and confidante of Invincible Fire Demon since he came on board. I don’t fancy him a bit, and I’m sure he knows that.” So she said aloud, “Well, I’m sure whoever-it-is would be properly sympathetic and appreciative, albeit without returning your crush, if the matter were known. Still, such things are better not acted upon.”

Invincible Fire Demon didn’t realize that Lithia was talking about herself. “Well, I could probably manage it somehow — get a few kisses at least — by dishonest means.”

“Don’t do that!”

Invincible Fire Demon simply grinned wickedly.

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