Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Inconnu Furioso

Mirrored from Sythyry.

[This is the start of the story "Inconnu Furioso", and a good place to start reading.]


I had nothing to do with this, except for deciding that, if asked for help, I wouldn’t.


In the last week of serving as a student-transport gazebo, the many parlors of Strayway filled with the wailing of flailing and failing students.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” said Alzagonde. “We tried to impress Mump, but we ticked him off somehow instead. He doesn’t like socio-vacationing one bit, and he’s declared some sort of academic vendetta against us. I wonder if I’m even going to have a place in Lord Caring University at all, when we get back. Certainly not in the Department of the Study of the Behaviors of Primes.” Alzagonde flicked her striped tail twice or thrice at the memory.

“Maybe you can switch to something else, like mathematics or Mentador?” asked Frippin. “I think they’re pretty unfriendly with the Behaviors department. They both think they know all about how primes behave, without any socio-prosody or even any eighteen varieties of primes.”

“Well, that makes them a pack of idiots,” said Alzagonde. “I don’t want to go study with a pack of idiots. Besides, you can’t use mathematics to prevent transaffection. You can use Mentador, I suppose, but you’d be lynched to death for it and good riddance. We saw enough of that back in Hanija!”

“I wish I could use some Mentador on Mump myself. Make him give me a good grade and tell my other teachers to give me another chance,” said Frippin.

“Oh? Having trouble?” asked Alzagonde.

“I’m to be tossed out of school at the end of the term without it,” said Frippin.

“Did you get a good set of papers on transaffection out of Hanija, at least? Or out of all the perverts on Strayway?” asked Alzagonde.

Frippin hung her head. “Not a one. Not that’s any good. I need something wonderful and splashy by next week.”

Alzagonde patted the Orren girl on the brown-furred head. “I’m sure you’ll think of something. Or maybe something notable will happen that you can write about.”

“It’ll have to, and fast,” muttered Frippin darkly.

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