Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: Cameos for Charity

Mirrored from Sythyry.

When Hurricane Katrina struck, Sythyry had the Night of a Thousand Sleeth. I’m going to invite that again. There have been a lot of disasters lately. I’m offering cameos in Sythyry for donations (which will go to the Red Cross).

  1. For $7, you will show up — probably as one of the first visitors to Sythyry’s new city.
  2. For $12, you will get to exchange a few sentences with Sythyry or another cast member of your choice. I cannot, unfortunately, promise that they will be nice to you.
  3. For $19, you will play an important role in one episode. Feel free to suggest a topic for the episode as well, which I will use if I can.
  4. For $84, you will be involved in a many-episode plot arc. You can give me a suggestion for it, and I will try to do something along those lines.
  5. For $4386, you can be a total Mary Sue / self-insertion character and I will follow your plot directions as well as I possibly can.

Please send me a sentence or two about how you want to be manifest in the story: species, gender, description, whatever. I will do my best to follow your directions, but I may need to fiddle things so they fit World Tree reality.

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