Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

If I help construct a city -- especially if I expect to depend somewhat on visitors and visitations -- I'd like to have some exotic and wonderful attractions.

One such attraction is a Fire Garden. There are a couple of others around, so they're not quite unique; but if there are three on the World Tree I haven't heard of the third. The other two are, in effect, statues of formal gardens constructed entirely of flame, and planted and populated with plants and animals as are suffiently fireproof. So, one might have a topiaried tree made of fire, with a living epiphyte growing on it. The first two are intended only for Zi Ri. If I make one, I will include protection spells aplenty, so that anyone can visit it and even touch the flames.

So that's one idea. My friends and advisors have listed some dozens of other ones -- but they are all very conventional people. O readers and commenters, you come up with the most remarkable concepts! What sorts of exotic attractions would you suggest for me?

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