Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Addendum and Apologia

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Jagraton had made himself quite unpopular with us from the beginning. He did not improve much until he actually needed help.

Incidentally, I should take some of the blame for Phaniet’s behavior. After a very small dose of Jagraton, I had taken to treating him as arrogantly and dismissively as I could manage. Usually this seemed quite appropriate — as when, say, he was demanding this or that special treatment or defense for Prince Rastomil, especially one which the prince did not much want. My loyal and/or obnoxious clients Phaniet and Grinwipey were more than happy to follow my example.

Usually, as I say, this was quite appropriate. In this instance, more concern for Prince Rastomil would not have gone amiss.

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