Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Rescues Attempt [19 Nivvem 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Phaniet: “Hsst! Sythyry! Wake up!”

I helpfully woke up. Phaniet was standing in my cell, with a spiky black halo which, on closer inspection, was hCevian. Khipo and Aoda were staring, or perhaps glaring.

Me: “I awake, to the sweet singing of my assistant and my friendly Locador demon! But why are you waking me up in what I believe to be the middle of the night?”

Phaniet: “We’re getting you out of here, boss!”

Me: “Why? It is hardly an intolerable cell. I have atheists, kidnappers, thieves, murderers, and forgers for company — quite an interesting assortment! And the food — the food is nigh-invulnerable!”

Phainet: “Stop joking and come on!”

Me: “Why? I might be tempted to run off if they impose a sentence of long imprisonment, but my barrister informs me that I am to expect fines and beatings and official annoyances. Unless, I suspect, I do something alarming, such as escape from prison before the hearing.”

Phaniet: “You’re crazy, boss.”

Me: “Probably. Still, I am going to stay here tonight. It’s hardly the first time I’ve spent a night in jail for being traff.” It’s the fourth, unless I’m forgetting something.

Khipo: “I’ll go! I’ll go!”

Me: “That’s the thief and murderer. Phaniet, I forbid you to take him; I don’t want you to get in legal trouble. hCevian, you’re already in legal trouble for being a Locador demon, so you can rescue him if you like.”

Khipo: “Wait, what?”

Me: “If you want to escape, Khipo, you may bargain with the Locador demon. You might, say, offer it the use of your body of some period of time. This one has been known to be involved in such situations.”

hCevian: “I have! If I ruled your body, I would take it to such perversions as even Sythyry would dread to experience! I would indulge in the very branch-tips of pleasure and pain! I might even return it to you intact, or, if you are very lucky, still alive!”

Khipo: “No … that’s … all right… I’ll stay here.”

Phaniet: “OK. Boss, you’re crazy, but I guess you’re staying. G’night!”

Me: “G’night!”

I went back to sleep, surrounded by the most hardened, vicious, and amazed criminals Hanija has to offer.

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